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    Would I be making a mistake?

    Posted this to Reddit, and got some interested responses, but wanted to post here as I've been reading here all day. Over the past 18 months, I’ve been on a journey to naturally increase my testosterone (T) levels. While I’ve tried various methods, including sleep improvement, diet improvement...
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    Just started trans-scrotal cream 3 days ago. How long does it take to notice a difference.

    Hello all, I started on 75mg a day a couple days ago after my labs showed test in the gutter. I know that it takes about 3 weeks to see the first changes from injections but can’t find anything about the cream. I thought this was due to levels having to stabilize as it is an ester, however the...
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    6 weeks into TRT my initial experience and follow up tests....?

    Hello Guys... In short I feel really well, never had libido or erectile problems at all... but had pretty much everything else, depression, loss of strength, mood, energy etc etc.... could only go about half my day without feeling demolished and dizzy. When starting TRT for about 1-2 weeks my...
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    My experience getting started

    I started the journey with a clomid monotherapy. 50mg EOD. It raised my T and free T considerably. Then I got extremely tense/irritable/emotional/anxious. I did some labs and saw that E2 was way up and so was cortisol. I came off that and then started on the gel. I had similar results at the...
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    Starting TRT - Protocol question and initial effects

    Hi forum, Stumbled on this site about a week ago as I'm preparing to start TRT, and have found all the information super helpful, if not a little overwhelming. =/ I'm super nervous about it, so I wanted to ask some questions based on my specific labs, protocols, and side effects. Labs...
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    Start on your own?

    Hello, How many of you guys would start on your own? if there was no doc or no low t center that would help you out.
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