sleep apnea

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  1. F

    Sleep improvement after 20+ years of poor sleep by using mouthpiece

    It’s only been two weeks since using, but this has been the best I’ve felt mentally and physically in 20+ years. Almost trt honeymoon period feeling. Had multiple sleep studies done, all showing minor to moderate snoring, but not enough to label sleep apnea or get a cpap. Have been on and off...
  2. DixieWrecked

    Oximeter And Sleep Apnea

    For those of you that are interested in sleep apnea, how bad or good is this? I never feel really refreshed after sleep. Any knowledgeable input or experience is welcome.
  3. BigTex

    Sleep Apnea Home Test

    I did a clinical sleep apnea test in 2007 and paid well over $5000 to get clinical testing done. Back then my insurance covered everything. If you don't have insurance it could be a problem and this sleep apnea problem needs to be controlled. I just saw this on I have been using...
  4. C

    Sleep Apnea - Injections vs Cream

    Are injections more likely to cause or increase sleep apnea issues than cream?
  5. C

    Sleep Apnea and TRT delivery methods

    Does type of delivery method have any impact on potential sleep apnea issues? Meaning do injections potentially increase risk of developing or worsening sleep apnea vs other methods such as creams?
  6. M


    Stats: height: 170cm age: 62 weight: 88kg Main observations: body recomp has been a struggle since my mid 30s. weight/fat gain ramped up about 2 years ago energy/calorie intake has not changed training consistent 5 days/weeks resistance + cardio, but somewhat harder to work around increasing...
  7. Nelson Vergel

    Viagra Worsens Sleep Apnea

    Clinics (Sao Paulo). 2010 Apr; 65(4): 393–400. Effects of sildenafil on autonomic nervous function during sleep in obstructive sleep apnea Christiane Neves,I,II Sérgio Tufik,I Felipe Chediek,I Dalva Poyares,I Fátima Cintra,I Marina Roizenblatt,I Fabiano Abrantes,I Marina Ariza Monteiro,I and...
  8. W

    Mouth Pieces for Sleep Apnea

    Anyone been officially diagnosed with mild apnea, tried CPAP and just couldn't tolerate any mask. Then, try a mouthpiece and have success?
  9. T

    Sleep apnea - events per hour higher on days without AI

    Has anybody noticed this? In general I'm seeing 0.8 - 1.3 events per hour (with CPAP) and then on the third night after no AI it reliably creeps up to 2.2 - 2.4.
  10. E

    Sleep Apnea: Why Does Testosterone Make it Worse?

    As part of an unsuccessful recent experiment with my protocol (nandrolone added to testosterone), my sleep apnea appears to have gotten noticeably worse over a very short period of time. I haven't been treating my OSA since it's typically so mild if I sleep on my side. I'm wondering if anyone...
  11. DixieWrecked

    Amazing Product Recommendation: Pulse Oximeter

    Robot Check This product is amazing. I have no affiliation with the company other than I purchased this a few weeks ago and it is absolutely amazing. I have found it to be a mild remedy for mild sleep apnea because it vibrates if my O2 drops below whatever percentage I specify. The device...
  12. S

    Sleep apnea lately

    I’m 57 yr male, in great shape, lift weights 3 times weekly. I’ve been on clomid self prescribed hrt for 4 years. 25mg 4 days a week. Last time I had my testosterone checked it came back over 1500 so the free was inaccurate. Estrodiol was 64.9. I have felt really good. I decided to start using...
  13. H

    UARS, suspecting ADHD. TRT uncovered dissatisfaction with my job

    I believe something happened what I was afraid off. After starting TRT I became more and more dissatisfied with my job as time went on. In June I turned 35 and a mid life crisis hit me, I wanna retire, go to a gym, talk to women, but I have enough savings to last only two years without touching...
  14. M

    Sleep apnea/insomnia on TRT can time fix it? advice needed

    I am one month and half from starting TRT did great as I went up, doing 25mg sustanon ,500HCG, 0.025mg arimidix EOD. It all started as I reached my stable high T levels. currently these are my results: T: between 21 and 26 E: 17 and can go up to 30 SHBG: 24.3 Hematocrit went from 43 to 47 same...
  15. L

    Moderate Sleep Apnea, do Clomid start or wait for CPAP?

    37 y/o male, just had in-home sleep study, results attached. It showed a low amount of obstructive apneas but I had a high amount of hypopneas which gave me an AHI of 16.3. Sleep doc is saying to do a CPAP/APAP machine based on the AHI being greater than 5. I am also with Defy, and was about...
  16. C

    Does Sleep Apnea Cause Elevated Hematocrit?

    Will sleep apnea alone cause clinically high Hematocrit? If so, will a CPAP machine lower it? I don’t know that I actually have sleep apnea but I will be getting tested in 2 weeks. But even before TRT I had borderline/clinically high Hematocrit, at least since 2013. Before that it was normal...
  17. J

    Sleep Apnea Questions

    I have been dealing with low T and low rate ogen for quite a while now, and I noticed that there was a direct correlation between my levels dropping and my sleep going to crap. I am waking up 5 to 6 times a night. I got a new primary care doctor, and he suggested a sleep study to see if I had...
  18. A

    Thinking of getting a CPAP machine

    I keep waking up in the middle of the night and a sleep study costs $700 AFTER INSURANCE where I live. A CPAP can be bought for cheaper. I did a home oxymetry and it showed no apnea but I have a genetic disorder which makes my body oxygen deficient. Any suggestions on where to buy one...
  19. Nelson Vergel

    Sleep Apnea Webinar

    Very good lecture. I learned a lot about the different options.
  20. R

    Testosterone now 700+ and I still feel like crap, what's next?

    Briefing I'm a 33 year old male I started having libido swings In 2015 while my wife was pregnant but no erection issue. Weeks of my usual high libido then a week of low libido And about 9 months later I experienced Ed out of the blue so I went to my urologist and he put me on 25mg of clomid...
  21. G

    6 weeks in, TT at 330??? Low SHBG. DIM. HCG

    So I got my 6 week labs and it shows TT at 330, Estradiol at 43, SHBG 16.8 (started at 29 pre TRT) and Free T at just under 10 (they want me at 25 but I would take 15 to be honest). They have me dosed at 140mg Test Cyp weekly however after this lab they bumped me to 200mg weekly. I am doing much...
  22. C

    Just diagnosed with severe obstructive sleep apnea

    Hey again! So, The title says it all. My wife heard me a about a month ago stop breathing while I was a sleep, I took a home study and after 3 nights of testing I got this diagnosis. Questions: 1) I don't know if I had this before starting TRT. Is TRT the cause? <--I doubt it 2) Was the...
  23. Nelson Vergel

    The Effect of Sleep on Your Hormones, Erections, Body and Quality of Life

    Why is that some people can sleep through the night while others toss and turn? No matter how early or late you get to bed, you can't seem to get a full night of rest? You've tried just about everything to improve your sleep--sleeping pills, valerian root, napping, eating before bedtime, not...
  24. buggies100

    home sleep apnea test

    Dr wants me to do a sleep apnea test, my wife and I are pretty sure I do not have an issue, she is a NP and has sat up at night listening to me. So I do not want to go the $2500.00 official sleep lab test. Has anybody used any of the home tests? Do you feel it was accurate?
  25. Nelson Vergel

    Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Diagnosis and Health Consequences

    A good read for men too. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) can lead to oxidative stress, inflammatory processes, endothelial damage, sympathetic activation and metabolic dysregulation that predispose to atherosclerosis, and so OSA is a common cause of systemic hypertension. During OSA, episodes...
  26. P

    Negative test for sleep apnea and raised Hemoglobin

    Can hemoglobin and hemocrit still be affected by excessive snoring and disrupted sleep even tho I was tested negative for sleep apnea ? Any insight would be helpful.
  27. Nelson Vergel

    Testosterone Increased Libido in Men with Sleep Apnea

    Increased sexual desire with exogenous testosterone administration in men with obstructive sleep apnea: a randomized placebo-controlled study Melehan, K. L., Hoyos, C. M., Yee, B. J., Wong, K. K., Buchanan, P. R., Grunstein, R. R. and Liu, P. Y. (2015), Increased sexual desire with exogenous...
  28. M

    Blood test Results and Review- Sleep Apnea

    hey guys. I posted earlier of what was going on with me. In a different thread. It has been suggested that I post my blood work results here to get some feedback. I have been referred to an endo. So we will see what happens next. Hoping to find that he is not old school and praying he is a...
  29. Nelson Vergel

    Heavy Snoring, Sleep Apnoea May Signal Earlier Memory and Thinking Decline

    Source: DGNews Heavy Snoring, Sleep Apnoea May Signal Earlier Memory and Thinking Decline Tags: Dementia Sleep Apnoea MINNEAPOLIS -- April 15, 2015 -- Heavy snoring and sleep apnoea may be linked to memory and thinking decline at an earlier age, according to a study published in the April...
  30. Nelson Vergel

    A promising new treatment for excessive daytime sleepiness

    Neuroscientists at SRI International have found that a form of baclofen, a drug used to treat muscle spasticity, works better at treating narcolepsy than the best drug currently available when tested in mice. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)...
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