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  1. J

    Pregnenelone Hair Loss

    Has anyone experienced significant hairloss on Pregnenelone? And if so, at what dosage? Anything that causes hair loss I’m pretty against using, unfortunately. However, I feel so much better just a few days only 30mg
  2. Gianluca

    Permanent side effect from Pregnenolone?

    Hi guys, I mentioned in the past that using Pregnenolone cream enhanced my color perception, especially the flashing colors which I would describe almost disturbing. However, when I would generally stop the cream the side effect would disappear within few days. I haven’t used the cream now for...
  3. W

    Not on TRT. Did DHEA and Pregnenolone raise my E2??

    Hello. This is my first post, although I have been a long time lurker. I started taking 50 mg DHEA and 50 mg Pregnenolone daily a few months back to treat low levels of both. My E2 appears to have increased from 25 to 34. My Free E2 is also very high, although this is the first time I have...
  4. L

    DHEA & Pregnenolone Poll

    Just a Poll to see how many members on TRT supplement with DHEA and/or Pregnenolone or not.
  5. M

    Preg question

    Through a blood test I saw I was at almost zero pregnenolone, I took over-the-counter product and thought I was good to go. Six months later I had my dr. order same test, and I was blown away I was still at zero ish. I 71, on TRT 17 years. DHEA is middle of the range. Total T 950 recent test...
  6. W

    T Levels Tanked on TRT?

    Who is the endocrine expert here? What is the clinical rationale as to why and how my T levels would drop within 1 month on 200mg transcrotal cream, YET DHT nearly tripled, LH went to 0 (as I’d expect), and HCt went up from 46 to 50? Clearly the T cream was “working”, but T went from 502 to...
  7. P

    What dose DHEA/preg to avoid shutdown/withdrawal, 20 - 50 - 100mg ed

    Guys, i would LOVE to hear your experience on this. I have CFS and destroyed adrenals, they are better now but i just came across this (DHEA/Prog). And alot of people seem to dose it pretty high, and then the ray peat forum guys who microdose it I saw a post on a guy using 50mg dhea and got...
  8. E

    Caffeine Induced Emotion Blunting- Pregnenolone Crash

    Hello, Used to post on PeakT's forum years ago like back in 2015-2017. Since then I have pretty much been well and dialied in on a TRT protocol (I do 0.3 mL 2x a week). I don't take an AI, and things like high E2 or low SHBG (this declined from 25 over the years) have not really affected me. At...
  9. T

    Hcg, Pregnenolone Temporary Sex Drive Increase

    Hello everyone, Ive been struggling with sex drive ever since starting trt and before. The only times i had normal sex drive was when i introduced something new to my protocol like a higher dose, hcg and before trt when adding a high dose serm. But its always short lived. Low dose hcg does...
  10. M

    Has anyone seen low HDL while on DHEA or pregnenolone?

    The low HDL dilemma (lowest ever @ 39) - labs here. As you can see, a dramatic decrease in total cholesterol and LDL-C on my standard lipid test from prior labs. But why did my HDL sink along with the other lipid markers? I check all the boxes for doing things to raise it (fish oil, niacin...
  11. J

    Pregnenolone help

    Going to try this to improve libido. It’s been recommended to me a few times by people on here. It’s cheap and I can get it on Amazon so why not? I’m on TRT (60mg X2 per week) Test Cypionate. No AI, no HCG. Hoping this may help my libido a bit as it’s virtually non existent. Any help is greatly...
  12. M

    Anyone using hcg and pregnenelone together ?

    Title says it . Just curious if anyone sees a benefit to both .
  13. G

    More Hemoglobin Issues

    For quite a while I was using 50mg twice per week and that kept my trough about 500-600 with free T about 19-20. My blood pressure was elevated throughout the day but fine when I first woke up and my hemoglobin would be 17.5 and hematocrit around 51. I would also have sleep issues. I decided...
  14. A

    Thoughts on supplementing Pregnenolone and DHEA?

    Ive been using Testosterone and Testosterone derivatives for 8 years now, but only recently came to learn of the important of "downstream hormones," Im pretty uneducated on the matter, but have read anecdotes and testimonies of many seeing DHEA and Pregnenolone suffering after long-term TRT use...
  15. D

    At what levels to supplement pregnenolone?

    My last (And first) blood test came back at 31 ng/dL (22-237). At what point do I need to supplemen, how much, and when? Doc didnt seem to know much about it. have some petty bad fatigue, brain fog, and sleep issues. any advice on starting to supplemen?
  16. S

    Correct Pregnenolone and Insulin Resistance, then TRT ? (Labs included)

    Hello All, Appreciate your time and feedback, I am a 50 y/o male 5'10, 215 BF% ~15% (exercise 4-5 x/ wk mix of cardio and weights) experiencing classic ADAM test sx over the last 2 years. Trialed on Clomid tried 25 mg daily or 50 mg EOD for several weeks,(brought up my test to low 400's, but...
  17. DixieWrecked

    HCG and/or Pregnenolone Effect on Cholesterol

    First time post! Thanks for the great forum. I've learned a ton. Along with my own TRT journey and analysis of my own families health concerns I began to speculate that the reason my father's (and mine) cholesterol is "genetically" high is because his hormone levels are low. I then ran...
  18. Z

    Effect of Calcium D glucarate on Nipple Tenderness

    So for starters I apologize if this on the wrong forum. Secondly I looked up info on this and couldn’t really find anything. So my doctor told me to add 1000mg of calcium d glucarate daily to my routine. Well 2 days after taking it my nipples got real tender. I stopped for a week and it went...
  19. D

    Lot of Anxiety, Moody, Lack of Energy, etc..

    I’m 39 years old started TRT 4 months ago. I recently started feeling a lot of anxiety, low mood with lack of motivation. I felt best 4-10 weeks after starting TRT, but now it’s like I have gone few steps back when I was hoping everything was going to be smooth sailing. my current protocol...
  20. DragonBits

    Question, backfilling the pathways?

    What hormones are considered to be in the pathway? I see flow charts, but in the end there have to result in actual hormones. I know these hormones. Are there any I am missing that are important and part of the pathway? Are we assuming there are mystery hormones that are part of the pathway...
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