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  1. 3

    Help for my wife, hysterectomy - keep the cervix or no?!

    My wife just discovered she has adenomyosis and potentially endometriosis. Surgery is 8/23 and now with the adeno discovery we’re looking at a hysterectomy. Doc wants to take cervix too for ease of removal, as it can be done laparoscopically whereas leaving the cervix requires 9cm incision in...
  2. Abonicex

    Orgasm intensity and ejaculation volume after trt

    I've seen that orgasm intensity is somehow related to ejaculation. The more you ejaculate the more spasms. Also this is also obviously related to ejaculation volume. What happens after trt if it shuts down sperm production? Assume no HCG is being taken or can't be taken.
  3. S

    I've been on TRT for years,and now I cant cum!!!

    So, I've been self medicating TRT for a couple of years now, and very happy with the results...with some caveates. In genrea, happy with body composition issues. But 'sexual health' issues are a mixed bag. I put in three categories: 1: Desire. TRT is a total boon. Makes me horny as hell...
  4. R

    Interesting Initial Experience With an Emsella Chair

    I went to a clinic that has an Emsella chair. It is an FDA approved device to treat incontinence in women by strenghtening the pevlic floor. For men, it supposedly helps with erections, sensitivity, ejaculation/orgasm, and urinary issues too. You sit on it and it sends out electromagnetic pulses...
  5. C

    No libido, unable to orgasm

    So I've been off testosterone for four months. Didn't do much of a PCT. Tried clomid briefly - it was awful, tried a few test booster and "pct" supplements - who really knows if they work or not. I'm not feeling awful but I am feeling sub-par. Still trying to work out at least 5 times a week...
  6. R

    What age is "normal" for a healthy man's sexual function to begin to decline?

    What age is "normal" for a healthy man's sexual function to begin to decline? I always thought it would be like age 55 or so. At age 43 here, I have the "I don't feel like I used to" feeling a lot of the time now. This has surprised me because I have had excellent sexual function my entire life...
  7. P

    Not feeling orgasms

    Yep even I make a good mess. Should’ve felt that ! I’m so short on time I can’t find much that sounds like me. Because I’ve been going at it a year or two. Usually get 200 ml bi monthly. But do half a vial per week to last a month And the recommended hcg 5000 with 5 ml of water and 50cc...
  8. J

    Depression and feeling poor after masturbation but not after sex

    All, I have friend who states that after orgasm from masturbation, will feel depressed, crappy, etc, but doesn't after orgasm during intercourse. He also asks about his refractory period. He states : "Vulnerable question -- does anybody else have a pretty severe refractory period? If so, have...
  9. J

    Penis sensitivity issue

    I've been on TRT for about 6 years now and still struggle with getting sex right back to where it was prior to a vasectomy I had. I discovered immediately after it that my testosterone tanked (at the time the doctors had no clue so I went on a series of SSRIs for over a year until a blood test...
  10. H

    Numb Penis, Anorgasmia during Sex, Low Cortisol, High Prolactin on TRT

    Have been on clinic TRT after AAS abuse as a 24 year old male for 3 years. My natural levels were 691 at age 24 prior to my reckless, careless decision to hope on anabolic steroids at 24. Since then I've tried to come off several times but always ended up inevitably relapsing when the pct or...
  11. D

    Current TRT Patient (Defy) - Which Labs Should I Order for Sexual Dysfunction

    I have been on Test Cyp (70mg IM twice weekly) and HCG (500 IU SQ twice weekly) since 09/2018. These dosages have put my trough TT between 752-1174 ng/dl and trough FT between 23.2-32 pg/dl. My Estradiol (sensitive) on these dosages has always been 20-25. The problem prompting this post is...
  12. M

    My orgasm problems are getting worse

    I just spent 7 hrs in bed with a beautiful new girl over two days and while she came about 20 times, i came exactly 0 times, and we tried everything. i got close two or three times, but then the O backed off. One thing we noticed is that I leaked a ton of so-called precum along the way, such...
  13. M

    Ejaculation and Orgasm Problems

    I have been on test gel for 1 yr...i can't orgasm during intercourse...i can ejaculate just not orgasm...not build up and release ect. You guys know what I mean..its no different than urinating at this point...the Dr I go to doesn't feel an anti estrogen is necessary...what can I do...would HCG...
  14. A

    Lack of Orgasm and Weak ejaculation on testosterone injections.

    I had mumps as a baby. I have been on testosterone injections for many years. I do not experience orgasm and my ejaculation volume and force is low and weak. I often do not even realize that Ive cum. I need to get sensation back and have a good orgasm. This is driving me crazy. Ive...
  15. Vince

    Why some women orgasm easier than others (#blessed)

    Apparently there is a clitoris sweet spot — aka a perfect distance between where the clitoris sits in conjunction to the opening of the urethra — that allows for maximum orgasm potential. “It is suggested that 2.5 cm from clitoris to urethral meatus is the demarcation in predicting whether or...
  16. H

    Wellbutrin for orgasm troubles

    Hi guys: I`m a 38 years old thin guy,i began with trt on 2017, nice results, better mood better erections, recently better sleep, but still i have issues with orgasm, since long time i`ve been unable to achieve orgasm on an intercourse, and when i masturbate sometime i 'lost' the signal before...
  17. W

    Reaching orgasm

    12 weeks on cypionate 50 x 2 per week and 1 mg anastrozole 2x weekly. Having and incredibly hard time reaching orgasm. Everything else working great. Poor wife's getting tired. Anyone else ever have this issue?
  18. Nelson Vergel

    A new option for orgasm problems in men This study explored the effect of cabergoline on orgasms in men. In the very preliminary pilot study presented at the American Urological Association meeting, Dr Hsieh said that 50 of the 72 men in the...
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