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  1. BadassBlues

    The Religion of Nutrition

    I am a foodie. Next to sex, eating is one of the greatest joys in life. I watch all of the top food shows and I love to cook. Bobby Flay and Alton Brown are two of my favorites. Alton Brown is particularly interesting because he delves into the science of cooking. I eat a very diverse range of...
  2. A

    New research on Taurine improving HPGA

    Came across this video (linked below) showing a new study outlining that Taurine supplementation might increase Gnrh, FSH, LH and general testicular health. - relevant commentary from @24:25 Thoughts on adding 1g/day to the supp stack?
  3. BigTex

    Protein digestion rates and how it can be used in diet.

    Protein timing is considered an important aspect of building fitness and strength by professional and amateur athletes. The term ‘protein timing’ in this case basically refers to the time it takes protein to digest and assimilate and be available for use in the body. The digestion rate of...
  4. BigTex

    Chris Aceto Carb Cycling Diet

    Chris Aceto is one of the most well know nutrition gurus and bodybuilding contest prep coaches in the industry with a number of athletes like IFBB Pro Jay Cutler achieving great success under his watch. Not only was Chris a very good bodybuilder but he was also at one time he was married to...
  5. S

    Never been on trt, I have been ITCHY for a few years...ideas?

    I have been itchy for a couple of years now, particularly around my face forehead neck and scalp. About two months ago it got more intense. And hives covered my torso and then sporadically on my legs and arms. That had never happened before they have pretty much dissipated but are still itchy at...
  6. andrewBwinter

    Grapefruit is off the menu with Cialis

    I started 2.5 mg daily this morning, AFTER I had a mango and grapefruit salad. Cruising the interwebs it appears that was the wrong fruit salad to enjoy with Cialis. Apparently grapefruit is a no no with many drugs, including Cialis. It looks like grapefruit inhibits breakdown of the drug so it...
  7. B

    Starting TRT on a Cut?

    I've received endocrinology treatment for about 9 months now, but just started TRT 1 month ago. I'm going on my honeymoon (viva la Mexico!) in March, so I've been cutting for that. This may be in my head, but it's seemed a lot harder to drop weight since introducing exogenous testosterone...
  8. G

    Replacement for EAS Myoplex?

    I’ve used EAS Myoplex over the years as a meal replacement, mainly for lunches where I can’t get away from my desk. I just found out that it’s been recently discontinued, and am looking for suitable replacements. Any suggestions? I liked how the Myoplex formula was well-balanced, including...
  9. A

    Luggol's for iodine?

    I had a blood work and my iodine level was near the bottom of the normal range. I also had high rT3. I got 2% Luggol's and am not sure how much to take. Last week I took 4 drops on my skin and I got diarrhea. I'm thinking one or two drops should be enough per week. On the internet some...
  10. S

    Going Beyond Paleo - Free 28 Page PDF

    Going Beyond Paleo - Free 22 Page PDF The 8 Rules and 8 Habits for Successful Weight Loss Attached please find our free 22 page PDF on nutrition. It's designed both for the beginner who may have experimented with other diets, and especially for people who are looking to take their existing...
  11. F

    BEST FOODS while on TRT

    I am trying to gain good weight. What are your favorite lean proteins, good carbs and favorite veggies to gain good muscle weight while keeping fat low?
  12. Nelson Vergel

    First Guidelines Document for Healthy Eating to Prevent Hormone Diseases

    The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, the American College of Endocrinology and The Obesity Society have released new clinical practice guidelines for healthy eating in the prevention of endocrine diseases in adults, according to a press release. The guidelines are targeted for...
  13. White Menace

    Lifting/Nutrition Q&A

    Figured i would help some brahs out, if you have any questions feel free to post or PM me i have spend the past 3 years of my training (but been srs for just over 1) researching at least 1 hour a week. and am currently doing my cert 3 in fitness (which frankly is a bit of a joke). Srs Questions...
  14. Nelson Vergel

    Nutri Bullet NBR-12 12-Piece Hi-Speed Blender/Mixer System

    I have been using my Nutri Bullet for two weeks and I can tell already that I am consuming more protein shakes and vegetables since it is so easy to use with minimal clean up. Being able to grab the mix container and use it as a mug saves a few steps. It is really powerful and can crush all...
  15. Nelson Vergel

    I am addicted to Muscle Egg

    A trainer friend of mine introduced me to this liquid supplement made up of egg white protein that tastes amazingly. I drink it alone, in my shakes or use it to make high protein/fiber pancakes. Since I am whey and lactose intolerant, this works great for me (even lactose free whey tears up my...
  16. Nelson Vergel

    How to Lose Fat: Top Suggestions from Nelson Vergel

    Get real. Ask yourself: What is getting in the way of my health? What excuses am I using to not start giving a damn? There is no perfect time to start. Do it now, even if it means one change per week in your lifestyle choices. You deserve to feel and look the best you can! You cannot change...
  17. Nelson Vergel

    Nelson's Top Tricks for Fat Loss

    Get real. Ask yourself: What is getting in the way of my health? What excuses am I using to not start giving a damn? There is no perfect time to start. Do it now, even if it means one change per week in your lifestyle choices. You deserve to feel and look the best you can! You cannot change...
  18. Nelson Vergel

    How to Maximize Your Health - Practical Tips For Men and Women

    From the book: Testosterone: A Man's Guide (available on amazon) These are practical tips that anyone can start adding to their lives. Most have been proven to work by different scientific studies. Exercise with weights/machines three to four times a week for no more than one hour; this...
  19. Excel Male

    Clean Nutrition for Health, Muscle Gain and Fat Loss.

    By Nelson Vergel There is so much confusing and contradictory information out there about healthy eating. Our food choices can affect not only on our body shape and quality of life, but also mortality and on how well we age. The components of whole food. Foods are made up of many different...
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