morning erections

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  1. R

    Is Maintaining Morning Erections Important?

    I'm almost 43 and my morning erections have mostly disappeared starting when I was 41. I am healthy and fit. Sexual function is 70% of what is was 3 years ago, but it is still fine. I'm not on TRT. My labs all come back good, 600-800 Total T, good thryoid, etc. The only exceptions are high but...
  2. T

    AI and brain fog, morning wood

    I'm wondering if any of you have found the same. When I go without AI, libido is dead, there is no morning wood, and erections need to be forced. Brain fog also increases. Taking .75mg - 1mg anastrozole remedies that by next morning (dramatically). Easily measurable. Brain fog also...
  3. A

    Why I still don't have morning erections?

    I'm 39 and I've been on TRT for about 3 years. My current protocol is 50mg enathate twice a week with the occasional (one month every few months) HCG to prevent my testicles from disappearing. I still don't have morning erections even though my libido is alright. I used to have insomnia i.e...
  4. A

    Dht cream on trt for libido

    I found a 3rd party selling pure dht cream! I know t gels can help with libido due to dht conversation but what about pure dht cream? would adding it to my trt regimen hurt me? I’ve been loosing hair this last year(armpits,legs,stomach) I haven’t found much info on it! As I hear it been...
  5. D

    New member - pre TRT blood test results

    Could I get some advice/suggestions on my blood Test results? I got the first test done in July 2019 through (UK) and a few repeat tests in Nov 2019 through my GP (GP said everything looks normal). These were done fasted at 9am Symptoms -Low/Loss of Libido -ED (weaker...
  6. L

    Low Desire High T

    Trying to figure this out. Background, Started TRT about a year ago after noticing I had all the signs of low t and getting tested at 270 at 48 years of age. The clinic I was using injected TRT and HCG. Normalized my Test level at about 800 for the first couple months after a large spike on a...
  7. Nelson Vergel

    Morning Erections and Venous Leakage- From Lee Myers

    "If your testosterone is below about 425 ng/dl and your dr. is not treating you, then you need to read this book. The risks dramatically increase at about this level for arteriosclerosis, erectile dysfunction, diabetes, insulin resistance, venous leakage and so on. This book summarizes the...
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