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  1. W

    Inverse Relationship between HGH and SHBG

    I have posted in the past about my severely low IGF-1 levels. Recently, I came across an interesting relationship in my own labs and out of interest, I found it backed up in medical literature. Wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience or knows anything that relates to this? I have...
  2. W

    Very Low IGF-1 and IGF Binding Protein 3 levels. Advice?

    Hello. Long time lurker here but this is only my 2nd post. I'm 20 years old but for some reason, my IGF-1 and IGF BP-3 levels are extremely low. The Z-score is really bad, so I am literally 1.65 standard deviations below a healthy level for my age. I have had this tested multiple times by...
  3. Fernando Almaguer

    Ipamorelin sermorelin

    Has anyone taken this from a compounding pharmacy, if so can you share your experience? Getting some from Revive Rx from Lipshultz and company.
  4. J

    Seeking Experiences with HGH

    Hi. Anyone have experiences using HGH along with TRT? i have had great success using Testosterone with Nandrolone and some CJC/Ipamorelin for body comp, well being and joint pain. However my elbows have continually deteriorated- I changed my lifting protocol to bands with lots of corrective...
  5. P

    Adding HGH To Test/Thyroid USP protocol

    In my 50's currently taking Test & Thyroid USP and I want to add HGH & possibly HCG. Anyone know any reputable Doctors/labs?
  6. J

    Using HGH and GHRP together

    Hey guys. I am thinking about trying some HGH to deal with some chronic joint issues that have been unresolved. I found a good source for pharmaceutical grade HGH, but was wondering if there is any history with using this compound along with a GHRP. This would be similar to taking testosterone...
  7. H

    TRT & HGH - Left Ventricular Hypertrophy Risks

    I'm the wrong side of 40 now, and picked up some non-trivial injuries which are taking months to fully heal. I've got hold of some HGH, which I was planning to use for a couple of months at 3IU/day for a couple of months to speed the injury healing. I've been on TRT for around a decade now...
  8. M

    Saizen HGH

    Trying to take my first shot of saizen HGH. Its 1.5ml total volume for 36IU. I have an insulin syringe with the internal plunger to avoid space waste and Im trying to inject 1IU which equates to 0.04ml. I can get it out of the syringe as there isn't enough volume, which effectively means I...
  9. RP McMurphy

    First Lab Post! “Should I stay or should I go?”...would appreciate some guidance. Thank you!

    I’m a 45 yo male, 150 lbs. Prior to starting any testosterone therapy my labs in January 2018 were in range (Total T 601 280-1100ng/dl, Free T 10.43 1.9-27ng/dl), but I wanted to see if increasing testosterone levels would help to improve fatigue. I always had a high sex drive, with decent...
  10. M

    HGH for longevity

    Has anyone use HGH or any of the releasers or Peptides? Pros/ Cons is it worth the $
  11. C

    Blood work with TEST E & HGH

    Hey guys been a while since I have posted any bloods. The blood work was taken on an off day, no injection given of TRT. I did inject HGH prior to blood work. The protocol I am on has been helping me out a lot. Wanted to share with the community my recent blood work with little complaints. I do...
  12. B

    At what point would glucose levels on HGH become a concern?

    My trt doc scripted me for HGH, largely for my recovery from recent orthopedic surgeries but also because I'm dealing with severe tendinosis in my knees At 4iu every other day I've noticed my blood glucose has gone up from the 60s to 106 and I haven't added any carbs to my diet. Obviously this...
  13. P

    Protocols for Tendon Healing HGH TB 500 BPC 157

    Hi all, I recently ruptured an achilles tendon and have surgery in a few days. I'm trying to figure out what sort of protocol I should be using for BPC 157, TB 500 and HGH to help promote healing. I have all these from a trusted source. BW 235 BF 20% height 74 inches. Age 41. I am currently...
  14. A

    6iu of Hgh a day

    I guess god has been answering my prayers he blessed me with some good money! so I can afford to run as much Hgh as I want at this point have been dealing with low libdio morning wood for so long I hear 2iu really isn’t nothing and it takes months to notice a difference what about 6 iu a day...
  15. A

    Adding Hgh to trt? When to feel!

    Been working with a spec list in Boston He put me on 2iu of Hgh 5 days on 2 off I’ve been dealing with low e2 sides for months I’m back on test e 300 mg twice a week injections for 2 weeks of today We switched back to test e(told me prop dosent aromatize as much) To help with the chronic...
  16. M

    Growth hormone affecting sleep apnea and heart rhythm?

    Has anyone else experienced premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) or other ectopic beats once GH is commenced? I've been prone to PVCs over the last couple years in varying frequencies. I take more than enough magnesium as a mainstay and many other supps to support cardio health. I am also...
  17. C

    Any reason to use hgh as a under 30

    Hello Is there any reason to use growth hormone as under 30 years old? I would like to see what effect it have on my skin , sleep and wellness. Mainly my skin. I ve used pramipexole in a past for high prolactin and thats is known to increase hgh levels temporaly, i got awesome skin results from...
  18. S

    Costco Canada Phasing out Omnitrope...wtf?

    Hello everyone, It's been quite some time since I've posted on this forum, but I thought I would share my recent experience. I just got back from picking up my 3 month supply of Omnitrope from my local Costco Canada pharmacy when the cashier told me that there was a note on my prescription...
  19. J

    Thanks for having me!

    I am 38 year old male, started my therapy 5 weeks ago. I am taking twice a week testosterone cypianate at 75 mg per injection. Also just this week started 500 iu hcg twice weekly on the day before my testosterone shots. My levels were at 340 and 3.4 free testosterone. Just a little background on...
  20. M

    New Muscle wasting interventions

    Hey guys, I would like to bring up this topic to talk about new, safe interventions for muscle wasting disorders. I'm torn on the research of Nandrolone. I love it's beneficial effects on nitrogen retention, red blood cell production, bone density and a possible addition to TRT for controlling...
  21. J

    HGH with TRT and HCG

    Looking for any feedback if anybody is using HGH with their TRT & HCG program.
  22. S

    HCG/HGH high Estrogen! Need advice please

    Hello all I've used HCG with no Test just to see if I could increase weight loss, energy levels and gain muscle and I have! I stated at 275IU ed for 3 months but had issues with nipple sensitives so I'm down to 200IU ed my nipples are fine now but DHT is going on. I'm looking into topical...
  23. S

    Which would you KEEP or DUMP?

    I'm a: 43yo male 6'1" tall 220lbs weight My protocol: - Delatestryl Testosterone - 100mg/week (50mg 2x/week - Monday and Thursday) - Omnitrope HGH - 2iu (mon, tues, thurs, fri, sat) Injected in the morning on empty stomach - HCG - 250iu 2x/week (Tuesday and Friday) - DHEA 25mg daily - Arimidex...
  24. S

    HELP with TEST/ HGH cycle!!

    Hello everyone, I have been on TRT for a number of years now and after speaking to a multiple endocrinologists and an anti-aging doctor, I have not been able to get a definitive answer on a hormone program that works. I understand that all bodies are different and require different dosages and...
  25. M

    Tesamorelin vs. Ipamorelin?

    Anyone have personal experience w/ Tesamorelin vs. Ipamorelin? Which one do you prefer? Based on my research these seem to be the top two choices currently, aside from growth hormone obviously.
  26. G

    Most effective HGH secretagogue

    Hey guys, I'm new to the forum. I've searched almost every thread on this forum and I couldn't find what peoples thoughts are on the most effective HGH relseasing secretagogue, to increase HGH and IGF 1. I wonder if 300mcg CJC 1295 and 5-10mg of MK677 would do the job or is HGH the only way to...
  27. J

    Bloods All Over The Place - Suggestions?

    Brief history - found a tumor in my pituitary gland, and was prescribed HRT almost 12 months ago, namely HGH and TRT. I've also had several spinal surgeries and some nagging pains, so decided to try out a therapeutic Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca) dose recently. My protocol for the past 6 months...
  28. R

    Greetings and introduction

    Good day group. Wanted introduce myself. I'm 38, have had low T since 29 years old. When first diagnosed, in Indiana, my count was in the low double digits. Family Dr prescribed androgel. A few months of "therapy" and I lost insurance, couldn't afford to continue. After a few years of either no...
  29. J

    Clomid + HGH

    I've been on HCG for 2 months but just stopped after switching over to the great people at Defy Medical. They analyzed my labs and put me on Clomid with an estrogen blocker. I am also taking Sermorelin + HGH from another Doctor. (Not defy) Here are my questions: Do people normally take...
  30. C

    Help - Dr Prescribed me HGH - Omnitrope?

    Hi everyone. At my last checkup and round of BW, i mentioned to my doctor that i recently have not felt as great as I once did on TRT. He asked me some questions on my physical symptoms, and although my BW is all within good ranges, my Dr suggested that I may benefit from supplementing HGH...
  31. Jabbja74

    GHRP/GHRH to HGH Advice

    Hello All! Couple questions if I could please ask regarding 1mg-2mg combined daily dosage of GRHP & GHRH peps. With all the hassel and cost of peps, also debating in lieu HGH investment. 1) Does the 1mg-2mg/day include the dosage combination of the GHRP & GHRH together? i.e; 500mcg GHRP...
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