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  1. B

    going for appt on tuesday can you give me some input on my questions

    64, 6'3" last two years my t was at 360, but I still had good libido and fair performance in bed. sometime good. sometimes a dud. struggled to lose weight. got viagra from doc and up until recently it helped most of the time. i take vitamins and have been adding every libido increasing...
  2. K

    3 weeks on trt questions

    I have read some of the other members threads and the answers that had been given . Quick run down. 41 , been having cloudiness and low moral , low motivation for 6-7 years. I fought through it , but recently had read an article about trt . I am an army vet but the Va didn’t even really...
  3. S

    Little help with numbers appreciated

    Greetings and thanks for a great forum. I'll try to keep it short but happy to reply with any more details if requested. 49 yo male. 5,10 196 lbs. Workout 5 days a week. Healthy diet. No alcohol, non smoker. Currently take Vitamin C, D, zinc, Magnesium, B Complex, and Fish oil daily. Been on...
  4. L

    Do I qualify for HRT? Posting my Blood Test Results.

    Do I qualify for HRT? Posting my Blood Test Results. 53 Year old male. Symptoms: No sex drive, loss of self, loss of the tenacity I used to have, apathetic, affecting marrage. Surgery for bi-lateral torsion testicles when I was 16. Got tested in late 20's - sperm count was OK. My...
  5. L

    Need assistance in understanding blood test results - Ranges not defined?

    Hello, My first posting. 51 year old male 5'8" - 235lbs Powerlifter build, muscular but 27-30% body fat Testosterone - Serum (Final) - Testosterone Result: 7.9 Reference Range: 5.2 - 23.7 The lab did not define what these reference ranges measurements are? Please help. Can...
  6. J

    My journey so far -- a year of Labs and attempts to relieve symptoms. Pls Help

    Here is a breakdown of many labs over the past year. The actions taken after each one and the effects of those actions. Currently a bit confused as to what to do next and would love some insight. I have taken much interest and allocated a lot of time to learning this stuff and accordingly my...
  7. J

    Flushing/palpitations/blurry vision/pass out

    I started TRT 28 days ago. My doctor had me at a crazy high dose and I went down to 150mg a week daily injections subq. Things have been 50/50 really motivated at work and at work outs. But as of the last few days i’ve been having a lot of heart palpitations and today my vision got a little...
  8. Pnw0031

    2 years of insomnia on Test C- various dosages

    Hello everyone, I have been dealing with severe insomnia while on testosterone cypionate for the past two years. Used androgel (sorry I do not remember the dose) for years prior. Testicular cancer survivor, can’t get off trt. I’ve tried various regimes and protocols and tricks and I’m going...
  9. I

    Suggestion based on blood work : TRT or not?

    Hello Everyone, I am a newbie and need your experience and opinion. I am 38 years old male, I have been struggling with weight loss and motivation to go to the gym in the past 2 years. I feel energetic only from 8 am to 11 am (where I try to do most of my work done) and then the rest of the day...
  10. J

    Help With Recent Bloodwork Results on TRT/ HcG

    Hello- 51 yo male here, been on TRT for several years using Cypionate, recently added HcG in past year for testicular atrophy. I currently follow this protocol: Test Cyp 50 mg combined with HcG 500 units both drawn up for 1 ml. total in a 29ga 1/2" syringe injected into shoulder area on M/Th...
  11. S

    Trt while on calcium channel blocker

    I have recently been diagnosed with SVTs and PVC and was prescribed a calcium channel blocker. I’m also hypogonadal. I’m only 35 and otherwise have been healthy. I’m started trt in July and also came down with Covid at the same time. Ended up stopping trt cause of the high heart rate and...
  12. M

    I need knowledgeable opinions on crazy side effects on 100Mg a week TRT.

    Hi guys, I'll cut to the chase, I know everyone's time is valuable but I need help figuring out something and it's driving me crazy. Im 41m , workout 3 times a week heavy lifting. Jiujitsu 4 times a week sometimes 2x a day. Experienced slow recovery and other related symptoms of low T. Lab...
  13. J

    Advise on clinics

    I need help sorting through all the online clinics I have been looking into royal medical centers can someone please help me are they worth it and are they good clinic to join thank you for any advise
  14. T

    Always little particles in oil at end of vial

    No matter what I do, for the last two shots of my vial the syringe always gets filled with little white “particles” that are in the solution that don’t move. It’s really worrying everytime I have to inject and seeing this little particles or bubbles get injected, anyone else have this isssue
  15. D

    Just started TRT and looking for advice on next steps

    Hi folks, Been reading the Excel forum for the last few months whilst progressing my TRT journey (started 18m ago). Last Friday I started my programme, 125mg (0.5ml) of Sustanon250 E5D. I'm doing IM into the glute and the first jab went well. I had all the usual symptoms: poor...
  16. T

    Daily Injections and blood work irregularities

    Hi everyone, first post but have greatly appreciated everyone’s comments on the forum that I have been reading through. I am having some frustration getting my protocol dialed in. Started TRT 1.5 years ago and have been using Testosterone Cypionate and all injections SubQ. Blood work and dosage...
  17. W

    When to get panel after clomid

    Hey everyone. I have a question for you. I experimented with self prescribed Clomid therapy for a bit at 25mg eod, I did experience plenty of nighttime wood but no other benefits. How long after stopping before getting a panel done with a TRT doctor?
  18. F

    Post finasteride brain damage doctor

    Hi. I can’t find my post where people recommended me some online doctors in Florida as well as different doctors that deal with post finasteride syndrome. If anyone knows or has dealt with the constant headaches, head pain, pressure in head, feeling of a brain tumor, inability to read, please...
  19. F

    Anadrol 50 at 18 years old

    Hi everyone. I posted a different thread a few days ago about side affects post finasteride and got good advice so was hoping for more on a different situation. Long story short when I was 18 I had a “doctor” that gave me anadrol 50 for 4 weeks. at the time I was stupid and did not realize how...
  20. H

    Seriously confused

    Hi, so I’ve had a pretty good libido for a while now but for some reason my erections are not always on the same page, I wake up aroused but not fully hard, also at night my libido can be raging but once again erections don’t always follow suit even though my attention is on what’s going on...
  21. L

    Labs, thoughts?

    I am 34 yr old and am thinking about going on TRT. I got my labs completed and wanted some honest input if I should go on TRT. I have a lot of symptoms (sluggish, no motivation, low sex drive) I have attached my results.
  22. S

    Getting nowhere fast in Tennessee

    I am a Hypogonadal man born with one testical. Started trt when I was 27 years old when my T had dropped to 123ng/ml. Moved from Florida to Tennessee in June of 2018 and had to find a new Dr. My libido had started to wane and my physical strength was noticeably diminishing. All the same things...
  23. S

    Unsatisfied with my current treatment or lack thereof. Need suggestions!

    I am a Hypogonadal man born with one testical. Started trt when I was 27 years old when my T had dropped to 123ng/ml. Moved from Florida to Tennessee in June of 2018 and had to find a new Dr. My libido had started to wane and my physical strength was noticeably diminishing. All the same things...
  24. B

    test results input please

    im on 35mg test c wmf, 330 mcg hcg MWF, please help me adjust. my standard labs are all within range. I feel decent and I dont get hard as used to sleep sucks TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL, MS - 1384 (250-1100ng/dL) TESTOSTERONE, FREE 305.3 (35.0-155.0pg/mL) SEX HORMONE BINDING GLOBULIN - 46...
  25. J

    Why these different results??

    All, sorry for the long post and appreciate all the advise but here is my story. I am a 40 yr old male. Work has been stressful the last few years with long hours, bad food, lots of travel and shitty work. About 4 years ago, I noticed that I was having issues maintaining erections, then I...
  26. F

    Where to Buy Accutane

    Help my cystic acne is back(after 10 years since I took Accutane prescribed by my old dermatologist)!! Anyone know if Dr Saya prescribes Accutane? If not anyone know a good website to buy Accutane? I don’t have insurance so need without Rx:confused: I’ll do my own labs
  27. V

    New to TRT + HCG need real help

    Today is the start of my 5th week on Test Cyp. I was diagnosed with Low T based on blood work and the side effects I've lived with since I was a teenager. Total Testosterone = 151 ng/dL Free Test = 29.8 pg/mL Estradiol = 18 pg/mL I have had no luck in finding a doctor that would help me in my...
  28. T

    New Labs Please Comment

    Hey everyone! I've been on my current protocol since June of 2017. I had bloodwork in between these most recent labs which didn't include the sensitive E2 test. My estrogen using the regular E2 test was similar to what is now. I don't have any overwhelming estrogen side effects but I've...
  29. S

    First 10 days on androgel was great but!!

    I started out with a T shot in my butt 2 days later I got androgel 1.62 4 pumps every morning. I had incredible energy. I walked around with a nice little chub in my pant all day! And I could just look at my wife I and want to just violate her. She loves it. Considering we haven't had sex in a...
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