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  1. Drug350

    Help - 4 weeks on TRT + Nipple Pain / Estradiol = 20 pg/ml ???

    So I just got my 5th weekly shot, 100 MG's Testosterone Cypionate. My nipples starting hurting about the 3rd week, and continue to hurt. I bumped into a wall the other day hitting my chest /nipple and it fu_kin hurt like hell !!!! If I touch my nipples, pushing up and down, they hurt or push...
  2. S

    Getting gyno with crashed e2?

    Hi, I've been taking 160mg of T per week divided in 2 shots. I'm on week 10 right now and have been having constant nipple sensitivity and irritation for the last 3 weeks. I was on 0.25mg of Anastrozole 2 times a weeks and then upped my dose to 0.5mg twice a week when the symptoms began and it...
  3. T

    Pre existing gyno

    Greetings, New to TRT and my very minor pre existing gyno is worsening considerably. Only on the second week of 160/week split into 4 injections. Felt nipple sensations after the second injection, which progressed into burning. The gyno in my right side is growing, much more puffy and...
  4. W

    Gyno or cystic acne(clogged pore/gland)?

    Hello, I recently had a bb size lump on the very edge of my left nipple come up randomly 3 days ago. No sensitivity or puffy nipples at all leading up to this. my E2 is usually 24-27. I actually squeezed it and got some pus out of a pore on the nipple its self. Makes me think its...
  5. T

    Does nolvadex raise shbg even while on trt?

    Hello everyone, For a couple of days i've been having pain behind left nipple and i think i overdid it with the hcg. I already have done surgery for gyno 10 years ago but apparently the doctor didnt remove the entire gland cause i can still feel a small lump there which has become tender to the...
  6. C

    Optimal dose BUT... Need urgent help

    Hi team Excelmale! Long story short (I have done several post before); I have eventually found my dose where my severe symptoms are gone., I am so FU..ING happy. More time is needed but the effect have lastet for a long period now. 100mg Enanthate on Monday and Thursday with 200 iu HCG. (side...
  7. A

    At What point Does Estrogen get high enough to start encouraging Gyno production?

    When does one's E2 get high enough to start producing Gyno. In other words how much estradiol measured in pg/mL does on typically need to have for them to start risking gyno production. I was getting concerned when mine got to 60 pg/mL with total T levels of 1200 ng/dl, but to my surprise, I...
  8. S

    Trt issues

    I started trt on Dec 30th 2020. I do 100mg of test weekly split into mon, wed, Fri injections. I take. .125mg of ai on mon, wed, Fri I'm wondering when I should take my ai. I can't get into the Dr's until March 1st so I'm asking you guys. I'm currently taking too much ai but wondering what days...
  9. J

    Commence TRT before/after Gyno Surgery?

    Hey Guys! I had gyno 10 years ago due to shady nutritional supplements. I'm having the surgery February 2021. As I understand, one of the main risk factors of the surgery is permanent loss of sensation/sensitivity of the nipples and chest area. Nipple sensitivity is one of the primary...
  10. michaelser88

    Something went really wrong...need some help

    Hi Guys! I hope somebody can help in my situation because i really dont understand what happened and what i have to do.. :/ So my story: I made a big mistake last year november i did 2 month hcg monotherapy, that means eod 200iu hcg... I noticed pain in my breast... It develoled gyno.. I tried...
  11. D

    Ditch your AI now - you don't need it!

    I'm a long time lurker and haven't posted much (perhaps even never) but I felt I should contribute something in return: I have very mild gyno that I've had most of my life. As soon as my E2 goes up it starts getting sore. That's when I USED to take an arimidex and it would go away. This time...
  12. M

    Worried about Nebido and gyno

    Hello, new member and new to trt here. I've had basically no T production of my own after a brain surgery a few months ago, so my doc started me on my first shot 10 days ago, and while some things are slightly better already such as sleeping at night and some signs of a libido, im...
  13. Nelson Vergel

    Gynecomastia: A Multicenter Study

    Highest prevalence of gynecomastia was observed between 21 and 30 years (n = 74; 31.2%). The most common presenting complaints were aesthetic concerns (62.8%) and breast pain (51.2%). 25.3% of the subjects had a history of pubertal gynecomastia. 56.5% had bilateral gynecomastia. 39.9% were...
  14. zandor

    Gyno Lump management, help? nolva or not

    i have started using test enan once a week. 250mg (180mg actually) for the last month doing it for athletic purpose and well being. already feeling great but... i had small gyno lumps under nipples ( examined by doctor - verified ) from poor pct cycle 2 years before from my last cycle. before i...
  15. S

    Which would you KEEP or DUMP?

    I'm a: 43yo male 6'1" tall 220lbs weight My protocol: - Delatestryl Testosterone - 100mg/week (50mg 2x/week - Monday and Thursday) - Omnitrope HGH - 2iu (mon, tues, thurs, fri, sat) Injected in the morning on empty stomach - HCG - 250iu 2x/week (Tuesday and Friday) - DHEA 25mg daily - Arimidex...
  16. C

    Is This Gyno? How Should I Eliminate It?

    I think I have gyno type 1. I was extremely fat and I ve never taken roids. I ve attached some pics with my progress.. Do you think Arimidex 1mg/day for 30 days is better than Tamoxifen 40mg/day for 30 days? I saw on the internet that after using taxomifen, fat is deposited on the hips and on...
  17. J

    Gyno Symptoms - Am I Just Being Paranoid?

    I started TRT for first time 3 days ago (Wednesday). Doc gave me .25 of an AI to take 1x per week starting three days after first injection which was today (Saturday). It has been on my mind that I need to take my AI ever since I got the injection. I awoke today with a sort of pulling feeling...
  18. O

    Possible Gyno on HCG monotherapy/arimidex

    Hey all, this is my first post. I'm sorry if this is not the right place for this but i was seeking some guidance since I'm sort of freaking out due to possible gyno symptoms on my HRT protocol. Im 27 years old, started taking HCG 1000IU 3x a week (Mon/Wed/Fri) mid December. I noticed my...
  19. T

    Does Pot Increase Estradiol?

    Does smoking weed every night increase estradiol/estrogen levels?
  20. T

    Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) with Aromasin to stop Gyno Symptoms? (Itchiness/sensitive nipples)

    Hi Excel, I've been on TRT for about 7 weeks total so far, however the first 4 weeks was on a bad protocol of 250mg, once every 2 weeks which resulted in lower T levels after the 14 days. I've recently found a TRT Clinic here in Thailand and switched as my original doctor wasn't familiar with...
  21. F

    Exhaustion / Poor Sleep with High E2 and Gyno

    Current State: Hi, I am new here, a 30 year-old male with gyno (surgically removed) struggling with severe mental exhaustion / reduced brain cognition. No matter how much I sleep, I almost never wake up feeling rested. I wake up feeling like I haven't slept at all, or like I haven't slept in 2...
  22. T

    Is this Gynecomastia? Starting TRT, advice needed

    Hi Guys, I've had what I think is mild Gyno since 13yo. I've always been 'skinny fat' and have never gotten to a super low bodyfat level - so unsure what it would look like at a lower bf% I got down to 15%bf at 85kg working with a good physique coach last year pre TRT (I was at 28%bf before)...
  23. T

    protocol review

    Dr put me on: HCG - 500IU 2x / week AI - 0.5 mg once a week Testosterone Cypionate - 200 mg once a week Do you guys think 200 is too high?
  24. Nelson Vergel

    Man Boobs : Treatments for Gynecomastia

    If a specific cause of gynecomastia can be identified and treated during the painful proliferative phase, there may be regression of the breast enlargement. This regression most often occurs with discontinuation of an offending drug or after initiation of testosterone treatment for primary...
  25. R

    62 y.o. with new dedication to hypoG control. Past TRT - current hCG monotherapy - many labs

    mods: please move this if it's in the wrong place. summary: I used hCG monotherapy successfully to raise T in less than a month from a starting point of 298 total / 88 free to 693. I am 62 y.o.and had been diagnosed with secondary hypogonadism more than 20 years ago. Although...
  26. flexing37

    Need help - high fsh anb lh (testosterone keeps rising)

    Last April in 2013, I started having sensitivity in the Left nipple area and got some blood work done. Ended up getting a Biopsy of the nipple area and was diagnosed with Gyno. Then had a Biopsy done as well with negative results for any tumor. Then had an MRI of the brain done in July...
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