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  1. S

    Soft erection truly related with high e2?

    Hello guys..before I use cycle test 500mg a week no ai I get soft erection.when i take ai erection back be with my trt 200 I notice the same also soft erection ..I will drop to 100 mg a my question here is the high estradiol always make erection soft? Thanks
  2. A

    New here: erections and libido lagging, high BP and lipids

    Hi- Just wanted to thank everyone who shares information here, it's been great to learn, and I thought I would share my story in case it's helpful to anyone. I'm 43 and married. We have a great sex life even with a young child, having sex about twice a week. Together for 12 years, all is good...
  3. T

    Proviron vs DHT gel?

    Hi, Firstly to introduce myself I’m 34 years old and have been on TRT now for 1 year at a dosage of 100mg Test E twice weekly. Feeling overall good during this time however my libido and erectile function could be better. Recent bloodwork shows my DHT levels to be slightly below midrange even...
  4. R

    Interesting Initial Experience With an Emsella Chair

    I went to a clinic that has an Emsella chair. It is an FDA approved device to treat incontinence in women by strenghtening the pevlic floor. For men, it supposedly helps with erections, sensitivity, ejaculation/orgasm, and urinary issues too. You sit on it and it sends out electromagnetic pulses...
  5. M

    Scrotal cream and erection issues

    I was on scrotal cream for a couple of years and had great results. Wonderful labs. Muscles mass, energy, even libido was great. All except my actual erections. I had amazing libido, but when it came time to actually perform, there was a 50/50 chance of it happening, and if it did happen it was...
  6. B

    BP has u-shape curve to ED

    Abstract Background Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the most common male sexual disorder that affects all age groups and has a close association with essential hypertension. Aim To characterize the relation of blood pressure and ED in detail. Methods A cross-sectional population-based study of 45-...
  7. R

    What age is "normal" for a healthy man's sexual function to begin to decline?

    What age is "normal" for a healthy man's sexual function to begin to decline? I always thought it would be like age 55 or so. At age 43 here, I have the "I don't feel like I used to" feeling a lot of the time now. This has surprised me because I have had excellent sexual function my entire life...
  8. D

    Bacteriostatic Water for Trimix

    Just got some trimix from Empower and see they sent 30ml bottle of bacteriostatic static water with the 5ml bottle of powder but noticed also it contains 0.9% benzyl alcohol. I seemed to recall on the forum here somoned indicated that it was a problem with that ingredient. Can't find the post...
  9. DixieWrecked

    Erection Affected by Body Position

    If I am standing or in the prone position or on my back, my erection will be at about 75%. But if I squat down, like a baseball catcher (no pun intended here) like if I give my GF a kiss when she is on her knees, it goes to 100%. Anyone with this same experience or any knowledge of what could...
  10. J

    Decreasing TRT dose leading to low libido

    Hey guys. First post on this forum. I have been on TRT for a little over 2 years now. Here is my protocol: Test Cyp IM 250mg (125mg E3.5D) Arimidex 0.25mg EOD HCG 500IU SQ 3x a week Cialis 5mg Daily Latest Bloodwork on trough day: TT: 1490 ng/dL FT: 24ng/dL Estradiol (sensitive): 20pg/ml...
  11. DixieWrecked

    Shockwave Therapy for Penile Enhancement

    Good Afternoon gentlemen. Well I went to a regenerative medicine clinic that focuses on Erectile dysfunction and male enhancement. Since starting TRT my erections have been so-so. I purchsed a package of 12 shockwave therapies, and 2 PRP injections (Priapus shots). I have already done one...
  12. T

    Erections down

    So my experience so far with TRT has been that morning wood is non-existent without anastrozole, and I can make it appear like clockwork when taking it. However for the past week or so I've been having trouble with erection quality and duration (when using it). Does anyone have any insight on...
  13. Robotics

    Erection Bigger on Days I work out!

    I am on TRT + Cialis 10mg eod. Cialis really helps however I found I have a bit of extra length on the days I exercise (7 minute workout on an app, push ups, high knees, burpees etc). what is this an indication of? and how can i maintain this length without working out every day? I am thin and...
  14. T

    Your experiences with increasing testosterone dosage?

    This is a re-post to an extent. But what I want to hear is some of your stories on increasing testosterone. Here is mine (without much facts, just how I experienced and read it): I was taking 50mg testosterone gel and had levels at 24nmol/l or almost 700ng/dl. I increased to 100mg and...
  15. DixieWrecked

    Dose Too High = No Erections

    Is this true for some people? If it is true what is the mechanism of action? Does Test get some people too riled up and they can't relax enough to get an erection?
  16. Robotics

    E2 Sweetspot - Larger Erection Than Normal?

    Yesterday i took my AI and Cialis 2 hours before sexual activity and had an erection that i would describe as larger than normal. I have done so before (take cialis daily and ai eod) but have not had the same results. The next day i took cialis and did not have the same large erection Is this...
  17. R

    Does cabergoline improve ED? Why do body builders take it?

    Saw some info on it searching the net. Anyone taking it on the forum? Has it helped you in anyway?
  18. Crom_is_good

    After the TRT Honeymoon

    Hello knowledgeable ones! Well its been over two months since I started my TRT journey. Hope you guy's don't mind me asking you a few questions. I was reading over the How long does TRT take to show effects thread and it would appear I'm already past some of the weeks to see certain...
  19. W

    cant get 'full' hard

    not sure if this is allowed to be asked on here as its using more bodybuilding compounds but im new here and hopefully someone can help but no idea whats going on,,, just recently had bloods and results were all fine, estro ,test, prolactin etc were all where they were meant to be ? but im...
  20. O

    Giddy is coming in September! An FDA-approved erection-enhancing device that's wearable

    Anyone here about this? Came across a mention of this device on a PCa form. Sounds interesting. Here are 2 links with more info: Giddy: FDA Class II medical device for ED Giddy: Breakthrough Wearable ED Treatment
  21. A

    TRT erection issues

    I'm 30 years old, 6'1' 220 pounds, lift quite frequently and cardio occasionally. So i've been debating coming off TRT for a few months now. I'm kind of at the final stages of my decision. I've posted and showed my lab results multiple times including SHBG, E2 sensitive, Test free and total...
  22. W

    Erection & Orgasm Quality

    Gentlemen I have a question. I will post some history so you can better answer. Started trt about 3-4 months ago. Before trt I was very low , but had no problems with erections. Libido did suck. Sex maybe once a week. I am 40+ First couple weeks of TRT felt great increase in libido. My...
  23. C

    Testosterone and male erection

    Does testosterone play a role in male erection? If yes, how does it help to achieve an erection?
  24. H

    (not for me?) Hombre's TRT Log: 34yo, low E2, norm SHBG and LH [Defy]

    Height: 6ft (Lifetime underweight, never on any psych meds) Motivation (libido mainly): tried cialis Nov 2017 after a year long break and it wasn't working the same, sudden weak erections during porn use Feb 2018 (after 6 years of minimal porn use, nofap with relapses for 6 years), 10%...
  25. A

    Erection Problem, Please Help

    Hi everyone, Im a men 27 yrs old, Since 2016 I have a Erection Problem Everything was good when I was 18 - 24 but now i Have problame Here is my blood test Result (yesterday): Please Help me, Whats wrong?, What should I do? You know, I feel very very bad When I Pay 500$ for a blonde girl...
  26. L

    Trimix injection

    Does someone here has a lead on where to get Trimix abroad ( Thailand) where I am working now? Thank you:o
  27. jger242

    Tadacip by Cipla

    Anyone tried this brand? How is it's strength compared to liquid research chemical tadalafil? (Purity solutions) The recent rc tadalafil has less potentcy than previous orders. Plus I found a reasonable price on overseas tadacip 20 mg. Thanks...
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