brain fog

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  1. L

    Something for focus and clear brain fog if not a candidate for TRT

    Been doing a lot of research and was surprised how much focus and brain fog is tied to hormones. Got tested and here are some numbers Total T : 711 Free T 12.38 T Bioavailable 293 Estradiol 22 SHBG 48 Was told not a candidate for TRT. So, what should I be taking for focus and to clear...
  2. J

    Big and Tall TRT dosage

    I need some advice on dosage. My doctor has me on .33ml a day subQ injection which comes out to 462mg a week. I am 6’6” 355lb. My labs after one week were extremely high and i’m having some crazy brain fog. How many milligrams do you recommend on a daily SubQ injection for someone my size?
  3. J

    high testosterone and estrogen first week

    Hey I have been doing subcutaneous injections daily of .33ml (66mg) and I am on day 10 of trt Around the 3rd day I started to become very foggy mid-to late afternoon in which I made my self go get some blood work to see my level. It has been up and down for me. Workouts have been good and...
  4. H

    Looking for help

    Hello First of all, if this is wrong section, apologies. For the past three years I have been experiencing low energy, low motivation, brain fog, memory shortness, super low libido and as of last year, ED. The libido is almost at the bottom now. I am not on TRT and I have never used hormones...
  5. J

    Some Fatigue 3 Weeks Into Dose Increase: Normal?

    I just increased my dose from 96mg split MWF to 120mg split MWF, 3 weeks ago. Last week (starting week 2) I had a few days of fatigue and brain fog. It seems to be lifting a bit now, but since I'm still new to this, I'm curious if this can happen and will level off. My levels at the op of...
  6. D

    Lower E2 = Higher Memory Recall?

    Here is an interesting in vivo study with findings suggesting that lower levels of estrogen in the brain correlate to higher performance in varying forms of memory recall in men. @Cataceous @readalot @Nelson Vergel If a man were to experience brain fog and reduced memory recall while on TRT...
  7. C

    Brain fog

    Brain fog Been on trt for 8 months. Had my dose increased to 180 a week and recently lowered to 160, not relevant. Started at 100mg and have been trending up to achieve upper range of normal free test. Have had brain fog for probably 4-5 months, feels like I’m always chronically tired even...
  8. E

    Placebo effect or possible?

    Hey guys. Did my first injection yesterday evening, 50mg in the delt. HCG in the stomach. No pain! But today I do feel different. And I'm not sure that it's possible or real. But I'm okay with my brain convincing me otherwise. I feel more "focused". Like my mental vision/clarity is in a...
  9. T

    FT4 levels on tests and brain fog

    I'm wondering if my brain fog has to do with thyroid hormones. It seems to get a lot worse on days I don't take anastrozole. Testosterone promotes conversion of T4 to T3, and estradiol does the opposite. Inflammation also suppresses this conversion. So my thyroid levels over time have been...
  10. T

    AI and brain fog, morning wood

    I'm wondering if any of you have found the same. When I go without AI, libido is dead, there is no morning wood, and erections need to be forced. Brain fog also increases. Taking .75mg - 1mg anastrozole remedies that by next morning (dramatically). Easily measurable. Brain fog also...
  11. D

    New member - pre TRT blood test results

    Could I get some advice/suggestions on my blood Test results? I got the first test done in July 2019 through (UK) and a few repeat tests in Nov 2019 through my GP (GP said everything looks normal). These were done fasted at 9am Symptoms -Low/Loss of Libido -ED (weaker...
  12. M

    Headaches and Brain fog?

    Hey guys, been on TRT for about 6 months. Started with weekly shots at 150mg up to 180mg which would cause extreme anxiety, never really felt that good. Since then have tried a few different protocols 60 mg every 3.5 and most recently 30 mg EOD with 250mg HCG EOD. No AI. Problem is no matter...
  13. Nelson Vergel

    100 Brain Optimization Tips

    100 Brain Optimization Tips Cool Table You may need to zoom in your browser
  14. C

    Fatigue/brain fog

    I am on trt 200mg cyp weekly. Also prescribed Dexedrine. Prior to seeking help from these two doctors, I tried various multivitamins( vitamins actually made me more Anxious and foggy) and caffeine pills - but still felt somewhat tired or foggy. Prior to this I was prescribed an antidepressant...
  15. M

    How does testosterone improve brain fog?

    The infamous brain fog is one of the low testosterone symptoms. In my instance TRT lifted it. I've never seen this question answered: What IS testosterone doing metabolically in your body to handle/fix/cure the brain fog. What IS brain fog aside from the usual symptoms cited. Can it be...
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