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  1. D

    Hematocrit still high even after Blood donation!

    Hey guys, When I first started TRT one year ago with Royal mens medical., they said that if your RBC count/hematocrit go too high, you must do a blood donation to correct it. My blood donation was on July 19th, 2022. Below are the results of my first blood test AFTER this donation. As...
  2. B

    Creating a Baseline blood tests.

    After reading a few posts in this forum, I like to create a baseline for my bloodwork for TRT. The test I’d like to pursue are listed below with cost figures. Are there any websites that package these items together for a more economical approach? Your comments are welcomed. 1...
  3. W

    Test results after 6 weeks

    Hello all I recently decided to change providers based on cost and my new provider had labs run. I received the values today and wondered if anyone else has seen this type of turn around. A bit of background, my last two blood tests were 7 weeks ago and my Testosterone levels were 159 on the...
  4. S

    3mg Ostarine - only cycle with 50mg DHEA added at the end: blood tests and results

    I am a 46 yo male, skinny-flabby, HIV positive (undetectable but with immune system that is still not recovered). I go to gym 4-5 days a week but often don't have the energy to finish the workout, muscles remain lame, strength does not increase, have no energy during the day and some fat in face...
  5. T

    3.5 day testosterone injection blood test time

    Switched to 3.5-day shots Tues.- 6 am and Fri.- 6 pm. Coming up on 6 weeks Fri., should I give blood early Fri. morn when they open 8 am or lastest they take 4 pm? Do most people not drink or eat the night before the test?
  6. W

    Total Testosterone vs Free Testosterone and how they relate to Hematocrit

    I've been on testosterone cypionate for about a year. For the first half of the year, I was on 150 mg/wk divided into two doses a week. I did these Intramuscular. For the last 6 months, I've stayed at the same dosage, but switched to SubQ injections. With the SubQ injections, I'm on a protocol...
  7. Nelson Vergel

    They Want It to Be Secret: How a Common Blood Test Can Cost $11 or Almost $1,000

    They Want It to Be Secret: How a Common Blood Test Can Cost $11 or Almost $1,000 It’s one of the most common tests in medicine, and it is performed millions of times a year around the country. Should a metabolic blood panel test cost $11 or $952? Both of these are real, negotiated prices, paid...
  8. Nelson Vergel

    Blood Test Targets for Men on TRT

    Click here to learn what blood test variables to watch for when starting testosterone replacement and how to manage them when they get too low or too high:
  9. D

    Help with blood test results

    Hi all, Have been on trt for 9 months, tried different testosterone versions and schedules and feel the best on daily propionate totalling 90mg testosterone a week. My latest results show high hemo, high hct, low mcv and low mch. My doc suggested I am slightly aniemic and started iron...
  10. V

    Just got my Labs back.....

    just got my labs back, I'm a 46 year old guy struggling with Chronic Fatigue and low libido and low energy. i'm not taking any medication yet. Can somebody shed some light on these results? ----------------------------- Sex Horm Binding Glob, Serum - 118.5 H nmol/L (16.5-55.9) Testosterone,Free...
  11. K

    TRT is not working for me! any suggestions ?

    Hello people, First, let me tell you that this forum has been of a great help for me. I really appreciate the time that you guys put on here to help helpless guys like me to get where they should be. Your sticky notes, forums, Q&A are much appreciated! I have been on TRT since April and I...
  12. Nelson Vergel

    Order Before DiscountedLabs's Price Increase- Order Good for 90 Days

    First of all, thank you for supporting our growing company and for sticking with us through our optimization process. I am excited to let you know that we are working on automatization of order and lab test report processing to be ready in summer! As you know, I created to...
  13. Nelson Vergel

    Article: ExcelMale Testosterone FactSheets for Download

    ExcelMale FactSheets for Download Here are a few PDF files members can download to show to doctors or for own reference. I will be adding others.
  14. 2

    New guy... Blood test results.. Starting trt, thoughts??

    48yr 5'10" 237lbs I have been battling fatigue, mood swings and ED for several years now. Asked my pcp several times about TRT and was blown off every time. Jan 2016 I finally convinced him to take a look. My T total was 337 only lab run by pcp. November 3rd 2016 once again he checked my total...
  15. Nelson Vergel

    Nelson's Top 10 Testosterone Replacement Commandments (Video)

    Nelson Vergel, author of Testosterone: A Man's Guide ( and founder of and, talks about what he thinks are the most important 10 things that all men on testosterone replacement therapy should know to maximize benefits and minimize side-effects.
  16. C

    This is my second blood test. I think I know the next step. Can some others please take a look? :)

    Hey guys Firstly please note: I'm having this blood work done in Thailand so the unit of measurement might be different than in the states. And I did not have access to a "sensitive" e2 test. Only regular :). I do not have access to any type of men's health clinic here in Thailand, but I have...
  17. J

    Anyone Have Experience Using CHEKD?

    Anyone have any insight on The site notes they do blood draws and physical exams at your home. They also offer a TRT program.
  18. Nelson Vergel

    Blood Tests Pre and On Testosterone Replacement
  19. S

    Will eating beef steak before your testing raise your Testosterone levels?

    I bought a 4-pack of New york Strip steaks at Costco this week. I have a blood test this friday. will eating a 16 oz steak a night for 4 days artificially raise my T levels? I don't want my levels to be too high and have my Dr. cut my RX down further. currently take .7ml of depo-test...
  20. Nelson Vergel

    Lab Tests: What Do They Mean?

    Lab Tests: What Do They Mean?
  21. Nelson Vergel

    Lab Tests Needed Before and During TRT

    Proper monitoring of men on testosterone replacement therapy has been dictated by several medical guidelines groups. However, most of them fall short in guiding doctors on what to if different key variables are not optimal. The following list includes all important blood tests and health...
  22. Nelson Vergel

    Blood Tests Needed Before and During Testosterone Therapy

    Posting blood test results without comprehensive quality of life information may not get you the best quality of input from members of this site. To save time and make your questions clearer, please review this list. You can copy and paste it on a post and add your answers if you wish. This will...
  23. Nelson Vergel

    Blood Tests Needed Before and During TRT

    Proper monitoring of men on testosterone replacement therapy has been dictated by several medical guidelines groups. However, most of them fall short in guiding doctors on what to do if different key variables are not optimal. The following list includes all important blood tests and health...
  24. B

    Help on Interpreting Bloodwork...looking for possible trends my endocrinologist might be missing

    Anything stand out to you guys in this bloodwork? The one from August 2013 was ordered by my primary physician. The rest were done by my endocrinologist. I'm going to my urologist next week to see where to go from here. :cool: Date;Test;Result;Reference Interval 06/03/14;Testosterone...
  25. Nelson Vergel

    Hormone Evaluation of Erectile Dysfunction

    The following paper reviews most studies that have investigated the role of hormones on erectile function. The enclosed table shows the findings of these studies. Endocrine evaluation of erectile dysfunction. Endocrine. Erectile...
  26. E

    Advice on HRT

    First post. Have read thru some great resources here. Looking to contribute my story to hopefully gain some feedback (...and potentially help some guys who may be in similar shoes as mine.) Current Age:32 Height: 6'0" Weight: 172lbs Once I hit my 30s, I started noticing metabolism slowing...
  27. Nelson Vergel

    Blood Analysis Reference Table

    From the book:ANABOLIC STEROIDS-A QUESTION OF MUSCLE-PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS (By Michael Scally) and edited for the use of this site Test Reference Range Alanine aminotransferase (ALT, SGPT) Levels are extremely increased in cases of liver cell necrosis of any cause, right heart failure...
  28. Excel Male

    How should doctors monitor men receiving testosterone replacement therapy?

    Very good short paper that summarizes what several medical guidelines say about monitoring men on testosterone replacement. I suggest you print it out and give your doctor a copy since it is simple and short. The summary table is great! You will realize that not a single guideline group...
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