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    anybody ever go to hematologist??

    Due my perpetually high hct, even years before TRT I was at 50, my dr is requesting me to see a hematologist to verify there is no other underlying problem and if not to get a phlebotomy schedule for us to follow.
    So my question is has anybody ever had to go down this road and if so what kind of labs did they run. If I can get some of that thru discounted labs before first appt it would speed things up. I know, I know, trying to speed up the medcial world is like herding cats!!!

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    If your otherwise eleigible to donate blood just do that. For an extremely common TRT side effect I wouldn't say it necessary to go see ANOTHER Dr and have them monkeying around with something that's as simple as a blood donation. Now if you can't pass screening or have a health issue, phlebotomy is your only other option to which you'll have to do what it takes.
    Side note if you do make a routine blood donation...don't say why you're there, don't get all chatty about TRT, your Dr, hematocrit, or anything because they'll trip out and black list you from donating. Answer they're screening truthfully but no more than that.

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    Vince Carter, Thanks for your post. I believe due to how high my Hct went, 62, with only 40 mg T cup every 3.5 days and the fact that I have never really ever been under 50 since I been keeping records from 2000 , way before any TRT, he wants to make sure there is not an underlying cause for red blood cell production, bone marrow issue....... That is fair enough to me. I do have a script for therapeutic phlebotomy, red cross checked my Hct on first visit and refused to allow me to donate.
    My total T was 883 after only 4 weeks of 40 mg every 3.5 days, up from 400 when 200 mg every two weeks for last 3 years. And HCT went from 55.5 to 62.1! Yikes. I was short of breath and had chest discomfort. According to the math formula I would have to give something like 7 pints of blood to get me down under 51! So I have a ways to go

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    hematologist, I've never seen one but in your case I would. Very high hematocrit.

    I am not a medical practitioner. Any suggestions I provide are not medical recommendations and are just my opinions. Please consult with your physician on any matters concerning your health.

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