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    7 lessons about finding the work you were meant to do

    You don’t “find your calling,” you fight for it — and other lessons from people who found their passion (sometimes late in life).

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    Whether it was during a career aptitude test or in a heart-to-heart chat after getting laid off, chances are someone has talked to you about how to “find your calling.” It’s one of those phrases people toss about. But StoryCorps founder Dave Isay takes issue with it … specifically, the verb.

    “Finding your calling — it’s not passive,” he says. “When people have found their calling, they’ve made tough decisions and sacrifices in order to do the work they were meant to do.”

    In other words, you don’t just “find” your calling — you have to fight for it. And it’s worth the fight. “People who’ve found their calling have a fire about them,” says Isay, the winner of the 2015 TED Prize. “They’re the people who are dying to get up in the morning and go do their work.”

    Over a decade of listening to StoryCorps interviews, Isay noticed that people often share the story of how they discovered their calling — and now, he’s collected dozens of great stories on the subject into a new book, Callings: The Purpose and Passion of Work. Below, he shares 7 takeaways from the hard-won fight to find the work you love.


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    Great post and uncannily perfect timing. Been contemplating this for some time.

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    Been on my mind a lot lately. I'm so far up in that red circle it's ridiculous. Haven't figured out how to make the money I need to and enjoy work. Common scenario I am sure.

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    I am truly blessed to be in the "zone". Still it is work, but almost everyday I am glad to go out the door and do my job. I realize that most do not get that feeling. If you are on the bubble about changing to a job that can get you there, I would advise to give it serious consideration, it is awesome. My wife and I are both in that position, and it is great

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