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    L-Citrulinne from www.nutrivitashop.com

    Has anyone here use the L-Citrulinne from www.nutrivitashop.com?

    I have already ordered 500 grams from bulksupplements.com, but saw this and wonder about experiences from those on the forum.

    $16.95 for 500 vs the $21.96 I paid on Amazon for bulk supplements.


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    I buy this one from vitacost. It's 750mg and it's 180 capsules, only $23.99

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    I buy the 1kg bulksupplement powder thru Amazon, I really like the taste of L-CITRULLINE malate. I don't use Citrulinne but if I did I probably would buy the bulksupplement.
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    I"m with Vince.
    I prefer Citrulline Malate as well and it goes well added to citrus/lemon/lime tasting pre-workouts.

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