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    Converting MLs to IUs

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    HCG does in estradiol levels about 10 to 20%
    I always used HCG with TRT and never needed an AI. I inject 500iu of HCG twice a week.
    I'm a bit confused going from ML's to iu's.

    I'm trying to figure out how much HCG to draw up into my syringe. (10000 IU's w/10ML Bac Water)

    I use an insulin syringe that goes up to 100 units or 1ML. (Do I get 500 iu's when I draw up 50 units as marked on the syringe)?

    If you used an insulin syringe like mine would that be 5 injections to get 500 iu's, is that correct?

    I'm thinking I should start with 250 iu's twice a week for a total of 500 iu.

    My 1st and only injection was 25 unites in the syringe. How much is this?

    What do I need to do to get 250 iu's?
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    Depends on the concentration of the solution, Typically you add 1cc of bact water or bact sodium chloride solution per 1000iu, On an insulin syringe, 10 equals 1/10 cc which contains 100 iu

    So if your concentration is the same you draw to 25 on the syringe..

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