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    Update on my issues while on trt

    Ok guys here's my latest go at trt.. this is my 3rd try and same deal.. my urologist thought it might be the inerstycial cystitis but I'm not so sure. For the guys that don't know my story. My first go at trt 3 or so yrs ago resulted I'm prostatitis symptoms. After 10 months of 200mgs 1x a week no estrogen blockers or hcg. T level was mid 800s at the end of 7th day. I stopped. A yr later I got on with defy to try it again the right way. 200mgs cyp 2x wk 250 ok hcg 2x wk and settled in at .05 2x wk anastrozol. Things were going good but same deal after 10 months or so same symptoms. Stopped again. I tried to restart 3 months later with symptoms still going but it made it worse.. Stopped again.. my symptoms were almost fully gone and uro said start back up at lower dose. 50mgs 2x week. He said I didn't need any estrogen blocker that it was all a waste of money but I still had some and used it. .25mgs 2x week. Same proto Dr crisler had me on just half doses. Blood work was all good test was a bit low 489 and estrogen was 35. Everything else was within range. Then boom prostatitis symptoms came back.. I stopped again last week after about a 6 or 7 week run on trt.. I've got a call coming from defy at the end of the month. Gonna see if there is anything else I can do.. testosterone is clearly not gonna be apart of it which really sucks as it works so good.. I'm so bummed

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    You may want to try daily shots of testosterone. There are a few threads on this, not sure what else you can try. You could try HCG mono therapy as well.

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    Ya I've been doing research on options for me. Hcg, sermorlin and clomid.. I havnt read many good things on sermorlin though.. I guess I'll have to wait and see what doc says.. sucks though because I really drag ass while off trt..

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    What about gel or compounded cream. You probably tried that already. I hope you and the doc figure something out.

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    I started with gels and had poor absorption..ive got a phone call coming next week from defy and back to my urologist in a couple weeks or so.. either way I've already scrapped the testosterone idea.. great stuff but I guess it's not for everyone.. ide like to thanks everyone who have helped me over the past year+.. great bunch of guys that have helped me out a lot with this..

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