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    Any carpal tunnel survivors here?

    Having a mild to moderate flare up of what has to this point been a really minor nuisance, most notably in bed at night its waking me up in both hands. I've been working on home improvements pretty heavily and I feel it's just flared up and not going chronic but its messing my sleep up and I really dont like that.

    Ive found a stretch or two, some ice to the wrists, a hand squeeze type exerciser that I have and had lapsed at using lately, but any of you with any solid tips on coping with the numbness and tingly feeling?

    I thought it may be my neck, I've been previously diagnosed with Cervical Radicilopathy(?) with arthritis but I've moved from that to carpal tunnel possibility.


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    I had surgery in both hands 10 years ago.

    Try a mattress topper if you sleep on your site. Do you use higher doses of TRT and/or peptides or growth hormone?


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    I had surgery on both hands many years ago. It was bad. I was an auto mechanic all my life and beat my hands to death. I still have some problems like tingling when I ride or drive to this day. nothing like I had before the surgerys tho. Dam that was a bad year.

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    Ice pack twice during the day is helping, got thru the night much better than the last few nights.

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