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    Trt and managing high hematocrit

    Hey guys first time posting , needed some help

    I have been on 200mg of test a week for about two years. On my 7 day my test level is around 900 estrogen range 30-40 no sides . Before I started trt my hematocrit was 48. I have done a sleep study and passed I workout ever day and iam in pretty good shape . My problem is after about 3-4 months my hematocrit will get up to 53 then I have to give blood , iam trying to find a way to keep my hematocrit in check so I don't have to donate blood . Iam open to suggestions on anything I can do different thanks

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    Lower the T dose, switch to transdermal. Make sure your not dehydrated when you get labs done. If you overhydrate it will show in BUN which will be low.

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    Some guys seem to stabilize after a period of time but it's rather small sample that state this occurs for them. Ive been reading about GrapeFruit Seed Extract and some guys saying its helped with HCT. I started using it and had a HCT 50.X a few weeks ago when I would have expected >53 after donating blood 8 weeks earlier but it may just be anecdotal evidence.

    But bottom line is donating is the cost of admission to TRT.

    Topic has been beat to death very recently if you search and spend some time reading, there's not much new material to cover, or situation that hasn't been discussed ad naseum.

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    Ok thanks guys . Last week my labs came back at 53 for my hematocrit. But today when I donated blood my Hemoglobin was 16.4 so x 3 that would put me at 49.5 . Why would me hematocrit be high last week but today it's back down to 49 I dont understand before I started trt I was alway at 48

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    How you are hydrated effects the levels like I said. Drink 2 bottles of water on the way to donate next time and see what happens. Do not do it on lab day as you need to know what your levels are with your normal hydration.

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    Ok thanks would dehydrated and hydrated affect levels of hematocrit 3 points . My lab day last week I got my blood draw at 8 in the morning just woke up and headed to the dr . Vs when I donated blood it was around 2 in the afternoon with what I normally drink

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    That has been what I have seen. If I remember correctly and you overhydrate on lab day the bun level will tell on you. I see people saying they can't donate because Hemoglobin is too high and all they needed to do is drink water before going.

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    Ok thanks we'll this mite be good news mabey my body is getting used to the test and my hematocrit is leveling off around 49 . Just have to make shure iam hydrated

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    Reducing dosage not always help. In my case elevated hematocrit happened at the same rate with 140mg/week and 100mg/week of testosterone cypionate (total testosterone of approximately 1300 and 700 respectively). I also used testosterone cream in the past and had elevated hematocrit as well. Of course chances of having high hematocrit issues with creams and lower testosterone dosages are lower but in some cases it doesn't help.

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