Would I benefit from a different type of T?


I've been wanting to try something like this myself, because I notice the same thing. I keep a log every day of what I inject/take, and have been for the whole year+ that I've been on TRT. I think the longest period of time I stayed steady with a protocol was 1 month. I also have very low SHBG post-TRT (don't know what it was prior, did not test for it). I feel like we're always just chasing rainbows trying to find that perfect protocol that doesn't exist. I do like the idea of trying to mimic the daily natural fluctuations, but haven't committed to that yet.

What were you expecting?

Anytime one tweaks a protocol (increase/decrease) T dose using the most commonly prescribed esters (cypionate/enanthate) hormones will be in FLUX during the weeks leading up until blood levels stabilize (4-6 weeks) let alone once levels have stabilized it will take 2-3 months for the body to adapt.

You are just going to end up chasing your tail!


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