Would every day dosing smooth out protocol changes?

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I've been wondering about this, especially when lowering the dose. Do you think it be easier to turn the ship around, so to speak, with every day injections when using a longer ester? I remember someone saying (writing) that a shorter ester could help with protocol changes. Sorry I can't remember who. It seems with dosing that frequently it would make it smoother either way.

This is more of a curiosity than anything, because it wouldn't be a good idea for someone injecting 2x a week to switch to ED just to make the transition smoother. I realize other factors would come into play. I inject ED and lowered my dose. I injected half of what I normally do for two days, then brought it to where I want it, and it went very well. I'm in between doctors, so this was on my own. I'm very sensitive to changes. Hope this all made sense.