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My background first:

Im 29, I suffered a bike accident which injured my testicles three years ago, T was around 200 ng/dL one year ago when I started TRT with testosterone undecoanate (Nebido) 1000mg every three months. Results have been good but mediocre anyway:

Mental fog almost eliminated.
ED from the accident improved.
Libido improved but not consistent across the whole three months.
Some minor muscle gains in the gym.

So I want to optimize the procedure and I thought about reading Jay Campbell's TRT Manual but I have just realized that a couple of weeks ago (Jan 2018) TOT Bible by the same author has been released. So, which one should I read first?, considering that I want a step by step guide to execute my own TRT with blood exams and all that is required to make it optimal and safe at the same time.


PS: Im in Peru and here I havent found any knowledgable doctor in the subject, just worth saying that the doctor that prescribed me the Nebido didn't know TRT produces infertility.
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I'd get both. The TRT manual is free on Jay's website. Read that first. It explains the basics of what to do and the stuff you need to get started. The TOT Bible is not a repeat of the first book. It has a lot more about peripheral stuff that's often overlooked but very important to optimize your TRT. Since you are in Peru and self administering, start at the beginning and read both. I'd also consider telemedicine if that's possible for you to do.
I have the TRTManual and it's written for the beginner, if that helps you, a lot more step by step type of information. As noted by Mountain Man you can get a free copy on Jay Campbells website.


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I recommend reading the first book by this author and then going on to the recent one because, in the new book, the author touches on the theses from the first book in some places and discusses their themes in more detail. Have you thought about starting to develop yourself spiritually?
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