The LabCorp Experience: Then and Now

I just had my first Discount Labs experience and could not be happier! I am on a very complete program with a TRT doctor getting labs quarterly but sometimes like to just be able to do a quick check. I found it super easy all online. I had my draw last Saturday am at Labcorp and to my surprise my results were just sent to me now! I did not have to call and ask anyone for my results! Well done Nelson and team!
Labcorp new policy, just wanted to update the forum. I recently got this email.

Thank you for choosing LabCorp. As requested, laboratory test results have been delivered to your LabCorp Patient Portal inbox.

LabCorp is now permitted to provide patients in all states with direct access to laboratory test results without physician authorization. As an enhanced service, LabCorp will deliver your historical laboratory test results (from dates of service as far back as November 15, 2011) to your patient portal account through LabCorp Patient Portal. You may receive multiple e-mails advising you of the availability of these laboratory test results. Please sign in here using your member credentials to view your historical laboratory test results.
Please do not reply to this message. This e-mail is automatically generated and replies to this e-mail address are not read.

LabCorp Patient Portal transmits certain e-mail notifications to patients who have requested this notification service. If you wish to change your notification setting, please sign in here to change your preferences."
Disappointed, nothing really changed.

I had labs recently done, labcorp sent them do Defy and let me know I would get those results in 4 days.

Maybe the notice that the labs were done is new as of a few months ago, but if I don't want to wait 4 days I still have to call Defy for them to forward them to my email. Defy would save some labor if they just automatically forwarded my test results to the email they have on file. But maybe it's some sort of legal medical confidentiality thing and they need to here from me.

As far as liking labcorp not, it's a big company. I don't really care what lab does the work.

It's usually about the local staff when using any lab, in my area labcorp is fine, I have another labcorp a few miles further way if I don't like this one. But the one I typically go to is 4.5 miles away and if I come in one weekdays there is seldom a wait, at most 20 min. If I come in on a Sat then they are pretty busy, it could take 45 min. Auto checking with an ID.

They know me, not sure that'a a good thing, I went in Tues the 8th and told them see you next week, which is literally true. I have gotten more blood tests in the last 14 months than I have gotten in my entire life. Soon I expect I will slow way done on blood testing.