Started TRT in May, regained then lost libido, finally have labs


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Hey guys,

Long story short, started TRT with UGL test in late April, early May. Gained muscle, got good sleep, felt happier, strong erections, finally had a sex drive for the first time in years. Was doing 180mg a week, split Monday Thursday. Problem is, by July my amazing sex drive is gone, had to end a relationship and everything.

I know it was stupid but I never did labs, just tried different solutions to fix the problem. Experimented with HCG, AI, masteron, cabergolin. Same situation with very strong hard morning wood, but numb penis and no actual lusty desire to fuck.

Finally stopped being stupid and I've signed up with Matrix Hormones to do this right, I'm gonna post the first labs that just came in. Have my first consultation with the doctor this coming Thursday but I'd love to hear opinions!

These labs, I've settled in to 150mg a week Test C, split Monday Thursday and 0.25 Adex once a week. Actually feeling really great here except for the total lack of real lust, and starting to get back acne on my shoulders. Every morning is a diamond hard erection, but numb.

Thank you for any advice or input, I'm all ears no ego.


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I have heard countless stories from guys talk about losing libido or just having sexual issues while blasting and cruising, but when they do a PCT and return to normal ranges, everything corrects itself.

Maybe this is just too much test for you and the back acne is a clear indication that it is.
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I'm using my phone, so it's a little hard to read your labs. It looks like, at least in my opinion, you can lower your dose of testosterone, to 50 mg twice a week and drop the AI.

I would try for six weeks and see what results you get.

I think most, but not all, do better with HCG. I inject 500 IU of HCG twice a week.


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