SERM instead of HCG for TRT

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I have read some posts about the possibility of using a SERM like clomid or tamoxifen instead of HCG in order to keep tests functioning while on TRT. I did an experiment and just wanted to post my results (take the information as is and hopefully it helps to answer some questions you might have).
I started TRT using testosterone cream and no HCG. After a few months both LH and FSH levels were undetectable. Had a fertility test done and came back with zero sperm. I started tamoxifen (10mg daily) to get rid of a small lump in one of my nipples. After one month i got blood work done and LH and FSH still undetectable. So at least for me, with 10mg of tamoxifen daily for 1 month... No impact in LH or FSH levels. However it seems like my testicles size increased a bit during this month of taking tamoxifen. I recently started HCG so lets see if fertility comes back.
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You're on Testosterone, your LH/FSH is going to be zero, no matter what drug you add to it. Fertility is something else, but as long as you're using T, LH/FSH will be and should be, zero.


agree 100%. All i am saying is that some people theorize that given SERMs make the pituitary released more LH and FSH when not used with testosterone supplementation the same results does not happen while on T (at least in my case)
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