Serious Low E2 Symptoms. Could Progesterone be the cause? How to lower it?

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has anyone ever used Pregnenolone with a too high dose and had side effects which could stem from high progesterone? If yes, and you stopped using it, how long till you felt better?

Is there a way to lower Progesterone,. as I believe it either lowers my e2 or blocks it from binding to receptors, so raising T dose, using some of my leftover T gel all that doesn t work to raise E2.
I also got topical E2 here but either its fake and doesnt contain any E2 or my e2 receptors are blocked cause its the second day of putting on 2-5mg woth of pure e2 on my skin and it doesnt do anything.

I guess its the 100mg pregnenolone and its conversion to progesterone that are the cause for all that.
I took the last capsule 5 days ago but I still feel like shit. How long would progesterone stay elevated and is there any way to manually lower it?

Low e2 is hell. I literally "try to get gyno". (not really but I want to raise my e2 so bad, i dont care if i overshoot the target and get high e2)

I think you are spot on as to the reason pregnenolone makes us low e2 guys feel like shit.
Everytime I try pregnenolone I feel depressed for 5 days.
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