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• Bremelanotide (PT 141) is a synthetic melanocortin compound
• It is a ‘melanocortin receptor agonist’- activates melanocortin receptors in the body
• ‘Melanocortins’ refer to a group of peptide hormones derived in the pituitary gland
• Several melanocortins have been identified, each producing different effects
• Researchers have investigated multiple synthetic melanocortin compounds for different uses including:
– Aphrodisiac drug; tanning agent; anti-obesity
– Studied for effects on mood and cognition
-Used to treat sexual dysfunction or used to improve sexual performance in healthy patients
• Produces multiple effects that influence sexual response including a noticeable increase in desire, increased libido, increase in physical response, vaginal vasocongestion (women), and erection (men)


• Nausea
• Hypertension
• Flushing
• Priapism (men)
• Injection site reactions
• Headache
• <4% reported in Vyleesi trials


• Commercially available as Vyleesi™
– Specific indication
– One time use injection pen with two dose options
– >$2000 retail price for four (4) doses
– Not covered by insurance for off-label uses
– Only commercial product in the US that contains bremelanotide


• Hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in premenopausal women
• Sexual dysfunction in men
• Erectile dysfunction
• Premature ejaculation
• Low libido; underactive sex drive
• Lack of desire
• Low response to sexual stimulation; anorgasmia


• Some doctors prescribe a combination of two or more treatments to effectively treat the complex issues that result in sexual dysfunction
• Bremelanotide + Sildenafil has been shown to enhance erectile response in some patients
• Men with low testosterone + sexual dysfunction are often given TRT


• Sildenafil (capsules, ODTs, troches)
• Tadalafil (capsules, ODT, troches)
• Vardenafil (capsules, ODT, troches)
• Bimix, Trimix, or Quadmix (+ Supers)
• Testosterone (cream, injectable, pellets, nasal gel)
• Arousal Cream
• Oxytocin (nasal spray or troches)
• Premature ejaculation (PE) medications


Nelson Vergel



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Yes I experienced the same. I was using it probably 3x/week and noticed by time I got done with a 2nd 2 ML vial the effects were not as good. I took a couple of months off and I am seeing the benefits again, although still not as strong as when I first started taking it. I only take is 2x/week max now. Halandale Pharmacy seems to be a good source. Peptide Sciences I was not as impressed, but that maybe because I was already using it for awhiel before I took a break from it. The muscle soreness is my major isue with it. I feel like I was in a car accident for a couple of days afterwards (I have a lot of old injuries).


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Is there any tips/tricks how to avoid nausea and hot flushes after injection.
Works good for libido and erection, but sides are unbearable.


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Is there any tips/tricks how to avoid nausea and hot flushes after injection.
Works good for libido and erection, but sides are unbearable.
Some people have such reactions, others not. You may be more sensitive to it. You can try reducing dose to level where you do not get symptoms then gradually increase it with subsequent sessions.


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I think the side effect and desensitization issues come from people taking way too much. I take less that .5mg 2 or 3 times a week and I get a consistent boost although not the unnatural boost that many report at higher doses. Another thing to be careful of is that there is still a tanning-amplification affect but much less that MTII which IMO is unusable in all but the winter months for that reason. Dr. Hertoghe has a protocol where he recommends building up gradually from .1mg. I've also heard that for people bothered by the flushing issue, taking a shower right after the injection will mitigate the flushing, although it hasn't been much of an issue for me so I haven't tried that.


PT-141 is supposed to be injected sub-Q, but purely out of curiosity what would be the result of IM injection instead?


Has anyone tried Pt-141 from Empower? I have tried it from Peptide Science. It did not produce full results other than making me sick to my stomach. Would there be any difference in potency and side effects? There is certainly a difference in price.


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How about compounded intranasal bremelanotide? I just sent an email to a local compounding pharmacy. My urologist would rx it. I know injectable PT-141 isn't expensive but a nasal spray would be so convenient.

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