Propionate side effect


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I'm at 13 weeks. Some great results during the transition period, enough to warrant further experimentation. But for 6-7 weeks I've been on a temporary break from hCG, which has unexpectedly made libido virtually nonexistent. Thus I won't be able to fairly discuss long-term propionate use until I can resume hCG.
Other than libido how is it? Same or better mood/energy??


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Other than libido how is it? Same or better mood/energy??
As I mentioned, the first couple weeks were pretty amazing. This is in line with what @Vince Carter has said: something interesting happens while you still have a longer-lived ester around. After that it was still at least as good as the previous baseline, and probably a bit better—good mood and above-baseline sensitivity, same energy. Then I had to get off the hCG, which has been surprisingly unpleasant: no libido, greatly reduced sensitivity, crashed SHBG (?!!)—maybe from estradiol going too low, flat mood, etc. Will be happy to get back on hCG, but doctors giving me some joint injections have internal data saying that hCG is a problem, so I have some time to kill before I can resume.

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