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So all ur taking hormone wise atm is 90mg of test and a few milligrams of the prostate health cream?
Correct. I do take supplements ofcourse. Think about the innate production of Testosterone for a minute. 4-10mg daily based on many studies. I have been ramped up to very supraphysiological levels and I have been where I am now. Of course I am nmow almost 58, but still VERY active. I carry plenty of muscle, exercise 4-5x a week and until a horrible foot surgeon screwed up my foot during a surgical procedure, played ice hockey with college kids and young adults 2-3x a week. I simply do not need anymore testosterone than I currently take. I have felt the highs of very elevated levels and lows of very low endogenous production. For me, at my age and activity level, 90mgs of weekly cypionate lands me in a very happy place. 30mg 3x a week with an insulin pin. No side effects, no adverse indication of too high or too low. Hope that helps.
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I only recommend when men speak of urinary issues that seem to have origins in the prostate. That being said, I have used a supplement called Pro-Men and also progesteron only with the same results. Promen: Pro-MEN™ Prostate Creme for Men (2 oz) - Better Health Naturally

I can only comment on the urinary improvements. It has been profound. Many of the comments can simply be attributed to better sleep which brings on a whole host of improvements as we know.

I have taken progesterone at doses up to 50 mg and frankly it makes me much too sleepy and drastically reduces libido for me. I am not anxious and do not suffer from sympathetic dominance and adrenalin rushes. But a few miligrams for prostate health works amazingly well with no discernable side effects. I am personally on low dose TRT @ 90mg weekly. Over 25 years of TRT behind me and I feel excellent at the lowest dose of my life.
That appears to be more than just progesterone cream. Also has pygeum, stinging nettle, saw palmetto etc.


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Just had another set of labs done interesting results from March 22 labs compared with current May 22 labs.

March 22 labs I was using 30mg Pregnenelone, 10mg DHEA, between 20-50mg Progesterone cream, 12mg Test Cyp ED and .0025 topical finasteride.

Pregnenolone Ref range: 23 to 173 Unit: ng/dL





0.28 - 1.22 ng/mL



DHEA Sulfate


24.0 - 690.0 mcg/dL 283.4

5 A DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE 106.0 - 719.0 pg/mL



*Prior to this test my DHT was always in the 800 - 900 range.

*I was using topical finasteride for about 2 months and then I added in 20-50mg progesterone cream and within 2 weeks I started to get itchy/sore/sensitive nipples.

May 22 Labs, I was using 50 - 75mg Pregnenelone, 20mg DHEA, 12mg Test Cyp ED and .001 Topical finasteride (no progesterone cream).

Pregnenolone Ref range: 23 to 173 Unit: ng/dL

awaiting results




0.28 - 1.22 ng/mL



DHEA Sulfate


24.0 - 690.0 mcg/dL awaiting results

5 A DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE 106.0 - 719.0 pg/mL



Estradiol <41 pg/mL



*My Estrogen has raised obviously due to DHEA and Preg.

I am still awaiting results of Preg and DHEA, but interesting that Progesterone raised higher with 50-75mg Pregnenelone than it did with moderate dose of 30mg Preg and high dose of Progesterone cream, however, I had stopped using Progesterone cream about 1.5 to 2 weeks prior to the March test because of the sensitive nipples so that may have given time for Progest levels to drop.

I am also thinking that Progesterone Cream had a part in lowering my DHT levels with the topical fin from March test, because just 2 weeks after adding Progesterone cream at 20-50mg I got very sensitive nipples.

I am doing my Test, Free Test, SHBG, FT3, FT 4 at end of the month...
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