Opinions about my wife's bloodwork results - please assist!

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So my wife's latest blood work results came back and I was hoping the folks here could chime in on anything she can do to get her levels back in range. She eats healthy most of the time (around 1900 calories, plenty of protein), and does cross fit 4-5x a week. She has a stressful job and probably sleeps less than she should.
The abnormal tests are below:

BUN (21), last blood work was 16
BUN/Creatinine Ratio (28), last blood work was 19
Free Testosterone (.8), down from 2.1 the last time
Estradiol, Sensitive (161), up from 46 the last time
SHBG (176), up from 131 from last time (which was still high)

Any thoughts and opinions would be very much appreciated! Also, she is 32 years old, 135lbs.
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I am 58 yo female who has been on pellet treatment (HRT Testosterone & estrogen) since 2005 after a hysterectomy in 2001. My concern or question is what is the goal? Has she had a hysterectomy or early menopause? Bloodwork for females w/o a history of the above to be accurately considered labwork should be drawn at a certain number of days after the last day of her period. Is she experiencing other symptoms? For example young women who have low energy, are having hot flashes, and memory loss or forgetfulness may have symptoms of low estrogen often experienced after taking birth control for many years. This can be treated with supplements to support the adrenal gland which are available over the counter through Euromedica - Adrenaplex. This supplement which contains DHEA and pregnenlone is often helpful to support the adrenal glands in conjunction with natural testosterone production. A keto diet is also helpful to bring the body back to normal so that you are sharper and more focused. Check out Bredesens Protocol (this may be for Alzheimers but the gluten free, keto friendly diet, paired with excercise and hormone balancing is changing lives for the better). Eating healthy long term is a win for everyone. Boron is mineral supplement which is important for bone density (helping a broken bone heal) it also supports testosterone production. It is important to have a daily vitamin with this in it. Swanson vitamins is a good source for Boron. Because it is so easy to find a good balance with hormones it is important to take the time to consider all the things going on her body. Does she have other symptoms? Leg pain? Headaches? Hair loss? Stomach pain not related to menstrual cycle? Neck pain or spasm? Weight loss or gain? Inability to lose weight. In women the thyroid and testosterone work hand in hand. Often if the testosterone is low then the thyroid has to work harder. In my experience my thyroid functions better if my testosterone is normal to high. I hope I have given you some helpful information and a desire to continue to push forward in finding the combination of what works best for her.
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