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  1. Nelson Vergel

    Hormonal Fluctuations in Women's Lives

    Hormonal fluctuation during (A) a normal menstrual cycle, (B) while taking an oral contraceptive (OC) containing both estrogen and progesterone, and (C) in the years before and after menopause. Ref: - Chidi-Ogbolu, Nkechinyere AU - Baar, Keith PY - 2019/01/15 T1 - Effect of Estrogen on...
  2. N

    Opinions about my wife's bloodwork results - please assist!

    Hello, So my wife's latest blood work results came back and I was hoping the folks here could chime in on anything she can do to get her levels back in range. She eats healthy most of the time (around 1900 calories, plenty of protein), and does cross fit 4-5x a week. She has a stressful job and...
  3. Nelson Vergel

    Video: Postmenopausal hormone replacement

    Barry Gordon, MD speaks about data and controversy surrounding hormone replacement in women. His website is www.thehiddendisease.com He is in Brooklyn, NY >
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