New to TRT. Is this overkill?

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I live in Europe and went to multiple doctors due to low T. After multiple interventions that didn’t really help (losing 20kg, more sport, etc.) I talked to some doctors who wanted to give me TRT. Here where I live the current regimes are quite conservative however. Low dosed testogel or test injections every three weeks were the only options I was presented.

Now I found a doctor who was more open to other options however, yet I am bit unsure about him. He prescribed me this:

20% testosterone creme every morning
DHT 20% cream every morning
Mesterolone 50mg every morning
DHEA 50mg every morning

I checked online and saw that most people really only get the normal testosterone cream or injections. This seemed a bit overkill to me. The doctor told me that his regimen has worked for many patients, however I am a bit unsure about it, It’d be nice to hear from some people with experience however.
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Testosterone injections every three weeks is stupid, whoever came out with these protocols is out to lunch and probably doesn’t have much knowledge pertaining to endocrine disorders.

You’ll find the internet, Excelmale littered with thread after thread about these protocols being worse than pre-treatment as you are on a hormonal roller-coaster, therapeutic levels the first week, and hypogonadal levels in the second week also known as testosterone crash and therefore a return of low-T symptoms.

It’s a worldwide problem and no country is immune to this lunacy.


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Regarding the protocol:
- 50 mg DHEA is a big help for me and is what I take, however I would start with 25mg and see how you do. If you are a high aromatizer ( I am not) it may cause you issues
- The DHT and Proviron sound like an overlap, so that is somewhat curious. Some people find great benefit from DHT-like products and some don't, so you'll have to try it and see.
- Without knowing the number of clicks and the amount in each, we can't comment on the T dose however the bottom line for everything is that it's best to start low and go slow and gradually adjust upward if necessary. Note that T converts to DHT so the DHT's may not be necessary. I have never taken Proviron but 50mg is a common dose, however if the T alone suits your needs, the extra DHT could cause issues in some people (hair loss, prostate enlargement.)

Also, many people start out with a low (12mg every other day) dose of clomid (or now Kisspeptin) to attempt to stimulate you own T production first.


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It's one click which should supply 50mg of testosterone.

I think, I will not take the DHT and Proviron for now and start with a 25mg DHEA dose first. And then go from there.

However, I do not have any access to Clomid right now. Would you suggest definitely trying to get a prescription first and then trying Clomid before going for the TRT?
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