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Significantly lower serum melatonin levels were observed in CLL patients compared to healthy subjects. Patient had misalignment of the internal clock with the external light–dark cycle. The circadian rhythm of melatonin was disrupted, and the levels of melatonin were low compared to healthy subjects.
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Melatonin: does it have utility in the treatment of haematological neoplasms?

I scanned the paper. It is of interest, especially as a downregulator of BCL-2, which is the target of the anti cancer drug that I am taking that finally subdued it.

I must comment on the "immune booster" terminology as it is misleading and dangerous for active CLL cancers since the CLL cells ARE IMMUNE CELLS! They do not function properly as such, but that which boosts "the immune system" can also cause proliferation of CLL cells.

However, the study abstract that the article referred to is intriguing and says something different: Melatonin induces apoptosis through a caspase‐dependent but reactive oxygen species‐independent mechanism in human leukemia Molt‐3 cells | Semantic Scholar

Also, this study refers to Molt-3 cells which are malignant T-cells, not B-cells.
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Update: I started nandrolone close to a month ago, at 40mg QOD (140/week). Even with a phlebotomy schedule of every 2 weeks for need of removing transfusional iron overload (my ferritin is still over 1000) my HGB reached 18.9 and HCT 54.4 yesterday. So I'll be getting phlebotomies every week, and reducing Nandrolone by half.

(I am very grateful that my RBC problem is on the high side now! 2.5 years of severe anemia was Hell!)

I had similar H/H elevation though not quite dramatically when I started T-cyp injections years ago, and had to reduce, reduce, reduce until they remained in normal range.

I hope that I can continue with some Nandrolone. We'll see. Already, I have been gaining a little bit. I really need it after all the wasting.
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