My start on NDT

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My appointment with Dr. Saya was great! Should have spent the extra money and dealt with the longer wait to have a appointment with him at the time. I will say this time the wait time for him was MUCH shorter. He was available the following week when I called to schedule this time.

Felt 100% confident in everything he said and suggested. Very friendly, easy to work with and I feel he's really in this to help people. He agreed I was pooling last time and it may have been do to low cortisol at the time since it wasn't tested. I do feel completely different from then to now. A lot less stress now in my life, joined CrossFit and going all the time, been taking the adrenal support cocktail from STTM for a few months too and other small changes.

He felt my iron was in a good place and saw no problems with my cortisol. I will be going to synthetic T3/T4 pills. Won't have to worry about the NDT shortages or brands that work or not. I mentioned LDN and he was cool with me trying it. I'll also be starting with a lower 15mg dose of DHEA at night that will knock my slightly high cortisol level down and raise my DHEA levels which are on the lower side of in range right now.

I will start with the Thyroid pills since I know I definitely need them. After I see everything going well on them with no negatives I'll start taking the LDN to see if it helps, does nothing or has negatives. After that I'll add in the DHEA which I've been on before with no problems.

Can't wait to start next week!