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My last two sets of blood work showed low EGFR levels (57 and 58) when there has never been an issue previously. I have no comorbidities. No high BP, no diabetes, no family history of kidney disease, I don't smoke, only drink occasionally and that would be a glass or two of wine, never hard liquor.
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Nelson Vergel

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Potential causes:

Creatine supplements.
Very high protein intake.
Over the counter supplements with unknown ingredients

Nelson Vergel

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Mine goes up and down depending on how much bike riding I’ve doing and how much cardio I’ve doing along with working out if you’re concerned you can get kidney function test that does a urine sample. Don’t do any cardio or work out for three or four days before your blood test and get re tested and drink plenty of water. I wouldn’t personally be concerned about it but I’m not a doctor.

Nelson Vergel

Founder, ExcelMale.com
Assuming that low EGFR level it is due to:
Creatine supplements.
Very high protein intake.
Is it hurtful to kidneys?

@Nelson Vergel

Not really but most doctors will freak out.
One good way to find out is to run this test instead

I've been going through this problem off and on for years, and as Nelson said above, my doctor freaks out! Ive had ultrasounds, CT scans, a few times. I notice when Im dehydrated, and hit the gym hard, my GFR is low and creatinine is up. When I rest a few days before labs and not work out, and hydrate, its in range. So next lab, hydrate, and take a few days from the gym, and get the lab done again.
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