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    Creatinine & eGFR

    As I feared would happen, my creatinine and eGFR levels are getting worse while on even low doses of testosterone. 02/12/2021 pre-TRT Creatinine 1.10 ML/MIN/1.73, 0.80-1.40 eGFR African American 93 ML/MIN/1.73, >60 eGFR non-African Amer 81 ML/MIN/1.73, >60 11/06/2021 pre-TRT Creatinine 1.36...
  2. E

    Low EGFR?

    My last two sets of blood work showed low EGFR levels (57 and 58) when there has never been an issue previously. I have no comorbidities. No high BP, no diabetes, no family history of kidney disease, I don't smoke, only drink occasionally and that would be a glass or two of wine, never hard liquor.
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    SHBG, EGFR, and Hypothyroidism...

    SHBG is talked about a lot as a good predictor of how fast one clears testosterone out of their body. Low SHBG frequently necessitates the need for more frequent injections per week. Do factors such as EGFR and hypothyroidism also factor into how fast an individual processes testosterone? On the...
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    Low eGFR (renal function) Test Results?

    Hey All!! Has anyone had a low eGFR result come back with blood tests? Just had mine come back as follows: 10/09/2015 5:15:00 p.m.: From labtests RENAL FUNCTION TESTS Sodium 141 mmol/L N 135 - 145 Potassium 4.0 mmol/L N 3.5 - 5.2...
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