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Anyone using K-10 as a alternative to HCG? I removed Hcg from my TRT protocol due to a recent battle with cancer and my balls are feeling (and looking) pretty miserable. I’m hoping K-10 can at least restore some size. I’m planning on using 0.10ml daily (Taylor Made Compounding Pharmacy protocol) although I’m sourcing the peptide elsewhere.

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It might help, but there's little information about this application. Because kisspeptin cannot be prescribed there's not going to be widespread use anytime soon. You can also go one hormone downstream and use gonadorelin. Royal Medical Center has offered some data showing that LH and FSH pulses are produced at larger doses. Their protocol involves twice-weekly dosing, which seems kind of infrequent for preserving testicular function. It would be useful to get feedback on results from guys on this protocol.


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Hi. Can I ask why you are taking it ?
I can no longer use HCG. I’m 2 weeks into K-10…so far nothing spectacular. No improvement in size. The only noticeable change has been the dull ache has gone away and my balls have dropped a bit. They were riding “high & tight” since I stopped HCG (approx 8 months). Which was quite uncomfortable at times.

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