Kinda nasty bruise/hardness after injection...

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So I had my morning subq love handle injection 4 days ago and it didn't go very smoothly. Syringe was sticky and may have pressed too fast, and was more painful than normal. Decent bleed afterward but I just applied pressure and did not even need to bandage it to get it to stop.

Well, as of today now the injection spot looks pretty bad and feels tough+lumpy underneath. I've only been on TRT for 8 weeks but I've never had a reaction like this, so while I'm assuming it's probably nothing I thought I would ask people's opinion here (see photo, sorry about the blur).

Is this anything to be concerned about?


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how has this site resolved itself as of today?
you obviously hit a vein, it bled, which is apparent, and it will slowly go away.
it happens


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Hey, appreciate the response. It is slowly but surely improving. I did share it with my doc as well, he just wasnt around until Monday so I figured I'd check in here.
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