injection site reaction

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  1. M

    Firm, painful knot at injection site

    I've been on TRT for 10 years. I inject 0.2 ml (40mg) of testosterone cypionate twice per week. A few months ago I started injecting HCG (200mg) at the same time. I first draw the testosterone into the syringe, and then draw the HCG into the same syringe. I use a new needle when drawing each...
  2. J

    Skin Darkening at Injection Site

    I inject in the same general areas on my abdomen twice a week. Test on one side, hCG on the other side. I noticed my skin there is darkening (I'm a brown man). Is this hyperpigmentation or something else? Would hydroquinone work?
  3. D

    Kinda nasty bruise/hardness after injection...

    So I had my morning subq love handle injection 4 days ago and it didn't go very smoothly. Syringe was sticky and may have pressed too fast, and was more painful than normal. Decent bleed afterward but I just applied pressure and did not even need to bandage it to get it to stop. Well, as of...
  4. M

    T-cyp from one pharmacy burns, other does not?

    Started TRT 3 months ago. I'm on 160mg T-cyp weekly (divided into 2 doses of 80mg). For the past 3 months, I've been injecting subQ with Tcyp from Olympia pharmacy. Yesterday, I received my first subQ injection from Tcyp from Empower pharmacy. The Tcyp from Olympia always caused a burning...
  5. keithc2485

    Pain and swelling after needle stick in R thigh .. concerned

    Hey guys. So I've been doing self-injections for 5 years and I'm pretty good at them. but today I was distracted I guess, on speakerphone etc. Anyway I was doing my testosterone injection in my right upper thigh I think I went a little too middle and when I injected the needle my whole leg...
  6. Vin

    Muscle twinge when injecting into deltoid ??

    Hello all, I did a search to see if anyone else has had an issue when injecting into into the deltoid.. been on trt for 2 years.. started with glut injections but went to deltoids as it was easy and with a smaller gauge don’t feel it.. So I’ve had this happen more often recently .. when...
  7. S

    injected subq to high over love handle and blood squirted out after pulling out needle ...

    only bled for a few secs , ran down my side ....should I be worried about not getting my correct dose ?
  8. C

    Injection Site Issue/Question

    Hey Guys! Something happened to me today that has never happened before , and I like to get some advice/theory on what I did wrong. I inject 50 mg of Test Cyp every 3 days. I use an insulin syringe and usually inject into left shoulder because I’m right handed(have done my right shoulder a few...
  9. M

    Injection site reaction

    I have been having a few bad injection site reactions and looking for ideas on how to mitigate the symptoms. I've read through many of the threads here, but wondering if my particular symptoms will sound familiar to anyone and what the fix was. Every injection, using 1/2" 27g on delts, dorsal...
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