Jowls, underneck bloat and general puffy look - e2?

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I've never noticed this before but with WFH and being on webcam a lot I've really noticed my face is looking not so great. I'm in my 40s and people usually think me younger since I have no lines and am in good shape but now I see why no one has carded me in a while!!

My e2 runs a bit above range, my trt is 200mg a week plus 100mg deca, I'm debating 0.25 mg adex twice a week (with shots) and going on a serious cutting cycle!

It might sound silly but can the test induced facial bloating be permanent? Can you stretch out the skin if over 40 so it doesn't go back? Its a little horrifying to be honest, I used to about 10-12% bodyfat year round but as I got older sacked off on the diet and cardio
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You’re certainly on a large dose for trt and it can cause bloating. 100mg per week causes bad bloating in me but obviously we’re all different. The higher I go the more bloated and flabby I get lol. I’m 46 y/o and been on trt nearly 11 years and have always had bloating on injectable but not on topical.


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200mg a week plus 100mg deca, It is a lot. How long have you been on this protocol and did the puffy look start after a new protocol?
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