Is enclomiphene being discontinued?

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Here is what I got


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Nelson Vergel


Yesterday's meeting at the FDA to defend the use of compounded enclomiphene and glutathione.

Slides attached.


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I would dig around and see if someone (a Pharma Co.) has something similar they are trialing, a combination, mixtures of mirror-image molecules, etc. We know of the disturbing trend with the FDA, pay to play… someone my be paying to play a little harder than others…


Interesting, my clinic just shipped me a script of enclomiphene this week and it arrived today. I've never taken it yet, but after doing research online, I was wondering how a compounding pharmacy would be allowed to provide a substance that hasn't been FDA approved.


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Listened through the FDA meeting questions and answers and it's frustrating that they are voting on therapies that they know so little about
They have vested interests in Pharmaceutical corporations, if you’ve watched the Appointee/Leadership turnover rate at the FDA you’re going to see a disturbing trend, most leave the FDA to become consultants or CEOs of spin-off (P & M) corporations. It’s quite sickening, it’s right up there with RICO and insider trading.


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wait....FDA is in bed with big pharma, making decisions that increase prescription drug profits and are counter to good health!? Stop the presses :) (heavy sarcasm).

And the difference David is that it's nice and legal--a wonderfully profitable system they've built on the back of sick and dying but totally curable and improvable patients. Very sad.
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