Interview: Clomid for TRT-Clomiphene Citrate and Enclomiphene for LOW Testosterone


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Hi Nelson, great video, thanks! I have a question you didn't really cover. Is clomiphene effective at simply preventing testicular atrophy while on TRT?

When I started TRT I only added HCG for that reason, my testicles were aching and I didn't want them to atrophy. Libido and everything else was good on just T. So I'm just looking for a replacement for HCG to keep them functioning since our HCG supply is going away.


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Unfortunately, clomiphene does not seem to revert or prevent testicular atrophy.
The exception is if you bypass the hypothalamus by co-administering GnRH. Most will find this impractical, but it does work to prevent atrophy, likely even better than hCG due to production of FSH in addition to LH:


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Thanks Nelson! I do know it's still available, but the price is many times higher.

Oh, I just clicked your link for coupons, that's a good price! My Dr. stocked up and has their own supply for now, but when that runs out I'll try goodrx again. Thanks!

Nelson Vergel

I bet all my money that the price of hCG from regular pharmacies will go up dramatically when compounding pharmacies stop making it completely.

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