I’m running out early?

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So when I started this journey I initially got a 10ml vial. It lasted me forever.

I transitioned to my PCP for care and am getting 1ml vials now. The initial prescription dose from the TRT mill was 200mg a week. Nope. I do 100mg a week and feel great.

I picked up my prescription of (6) 1ml vials October 8th and am just about out! I have maybe .40ml left and cannot refill until January 6, 2022.

What the heck happened??? I inject .25ml twice a week. Am I somehow wasting that much due to frequency? Can you pick up Testosterone early? What are the concerns of missing a few injections? I’m pretty annoyed.
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Did you change syringes to one with a larger dead space?

You should be using insulin syringes since they have no dead space therefore no waste.


It’s still a 1ml syringe but I did change. I had some really nice ones and replaced them with standard Walgreens ones. They suck. So hard to draw and inject. Not sure how much is wasted but that’s all I can pinpoint as well.

The pharmacy won’t give me my prescription a week or so early will they?


Buy 27 to 29 gauge insulin syringes online. Ask for filling your prescription early, it's doubtful.

You can also contact your doctor and tell him what has happened, you never know.


I emailed my doc and received a response from his nurse? She said she can't do anything because it's a controlled substance and it's regulated.

I usually inject .25/ml

What negative outcomes will occur from 3 or 4 injections of .10ml? I'm finally getting leveled out and feeling good.


So running short isn’t some crazy occurrence? Good to know I’m not that dumb lol I’m still going to call around. I liked that 10ml vial cause I never ran out and always had enough. These 1ml vials are no good


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No it's not a crazy occurrence. It just happened to me. I realized it in the last few days. I also have a 10ml vial and it is supposed to go 90 days. I think the needle comment is spot on. They switched up on me.


I never felt a 12 week prescription for 1200 mg of testosterone is appropriate. You will never be able to get every last drop out of the vial and it doesn’t leave any room for error for any drawing or injection mishaps.


I think I can refill tomorrow. Another stupid 30 days worth.

Last three injections were .20, .15, then .05ml

I am actually feeling a little tired even though I did a little more HCG than usual. Probably all in my head but I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

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If using slip on needles
“Take your time”
preparing the shot.
Always draw all the oil out of the needle before removing from vial. Look at the amount you really have.
If using slip on needles you can have 0.05 to 0.1 extra after emptying needle. This is why a lot of people run out. Always draw to 0.45 if you want 0.5 then you draw the remaining oil from needle and have an air bubble of 0.1 to push all the oil out.
Don’t worry about injecting the air as it’s not going to do anything. You need something like 5ml (cc) directly into your vein to do anything.

Practice what I have suggested and you will find what works for you with your draw needle. Remember if you use an 1inch needle to draw it will have less in it than using an 1&1/2 inch needle.

Hope that helps


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Ask for 3 month supply. Use insulin syringe. Save the extra. I always have at least 1 ml worth after a three month supply. Combine the extra. And save a bike from the next refill. Also with a three month supply you can often refill an extra week early. With this method I’ve saved up 10-12 1 ml vials over the last few years.
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