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  1. E

    I’m running out early?

    So when I started this journey I initially got a 10ml vial. It lasted me forever. I transitioned to my PCP for care and am getting 1ml vials now. The initial prescription dose from the TRT mill was 200mg a week. Nope. I do 100mg a week and feel great. I picked up my prescription of (6) 1ml...
  2. A

    Moving to another country on TRT

    I gave TRT a thorough thought before embarking on it. Whether it would be helpful to me, its side effects, whether I could increase my levels to a satisfactory level naturally. The main benefits of TRT for me have been increased confidence, determination and energy. Without it my T levels will...
  3. V

    Convincing a doctor to prescribe Natesto

    Hey guys, I'm looking to increase T to suppress high SHBG of 63. I also believe many symptoms are attributable to low E2. Since I'm late 20s, and T is high on paper due to high SHBG, local doctors never consider TRT, and I always had a bad experience with getting any testing done. Defy...
  4. Markee

    Advice needed on how to carry prescription meds outside the US through airport customs ?

    Will be taking a trip to Cyprus Greece never traveled outside the US before looking for some advice on here what I need to do to deal with airport customs and anything else for my prescription meds and injectables ? Also a good way to deal with taking along a dose or 2 of HCG ?
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