Higher libido & more frequent erections from Ibuprofen & caffeine

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I've had the what I thought unpopular opinion that low dose ibuprofen is somewhat of a wonder drug. In my case half the recommended dose before bed helps my sleep quality dramatically with no apparent downsides. I've heard others talk about how it cured their prostate related nighttime wake ups to urinate as well. Now this. Interesting.
Omg this is exactly what I am experiencing
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Whenever I've taken either Ibuprofen or caffeine (Ibuprofen more so), libido & frequency of erections shoot right up. I'm not taking any exogenous hormones right now & I have low LH and low DHT.
Does Ibuprofen and caffeine increase LH or DHT?
Ibuprofen damages the good gut flora which is not a good idea, interesting re the erections though


dang man! I think I am having an epiphany. The last time I had a rock hard erections I was hungover. The night before I took some Aleve. That's the last time I took Aleve and the last time I had great erections.

Then I see this post from Madman about how Aspirin can improve ED. It may be time for some experimentation.
its all about blood flow.... aspirin is like drano for your arteries and vessels, ibuprophen and aleve too but to a lesser extent. 2 aspirin a day will keep your pipes flushed and your dick hard.


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The low LH theory in relation to erectile function, IMO, doesn't jibe. Exogenous testosterone lowers LH but more men than not have improved erectile function, along with improved libido. As most of us know, at least here in the US, there are thousands or tens of thousands of men on some form of TRT. They're not on forums. Then there are men who aren't on TRT, just taking a PDE5 inhibitor or Trimix or PT-141 or even some form of thyroid replacement. The more sex, the more testosterone production, in part, via increased LH.

Certainly, if a man uses ibuprofen and it improves erectile function and libido, irrespective of the underlying mechanism(s), he should enjoy his improved function and leave the 'why' to research.
I'm referring to guys who are not on TRT and have low LH!
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