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Been on 10mg cypionate IM a day for 5 weeks.

prolactin and E2 are on the high end. I got a prescription for 0.0625 AI pills, I am considering starting with 3x a week.

1. Is my prolactin High due to my e2 and should it follow e2 down if i take ai? should i add in p5p?

2. I have my honeymoon in 2 weeks and am desperate to get sexual function back which dissapeared about a week ago along with the introduction of other high e2 symptoms, bloating, moodyness, anxiety. What AI dosage do you suggest to get my E2 down by about 20 pg/ml?

3. do these labs make sense in terms of why i felt decent for the first 4 weeks of trt and then bad on the 5th week onwards e2 was rising and prolactin?

TT 21.2 (8-29)
Ft 707 (175-700)
E2 147 (0-160) which is around 48 pg/ml
prolactin 25 (0-15) it was about 11 a year ago.
progesterone 1.2 (range goes to 1)
shbg 15
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so good news. after adding in AI (0.0625mg eod) and p5p and vitamin E then later 5mg cialis. My water retention has gone down significantly, brain fog gone, anxiety gone, erections improved, confidence up, strength up, Libido has come into existance though not the best, orgasms feel a bit better.

Feels like I am actually on TRT now.


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Except your levels aren’t stable yet as you’re only 5 weeks in and now you’re adding other things in, that could cause even more problems. You should leave things alone for at least 8 weeks. You just started! Why are you checking numbers after only 5 weeks? Your levels are still in flux and you are not yet optimized. On top of that 70 mg a week is not an optimal dose for most men.
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