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Hey I’m I’m confused on exactly calculating on 1cc syringe mg. I’m prescribed 200mg/10ml test cyp. Doc currently has me doing pins 3 times a week at 160mg. So that would be .3cc on a 1cc syringe? Sorry if it’s stupid. I know a full CC is 200mg and .5 is 100mg and .1 would 50mg correct or am I fucking up hahah thanks again!

Mark Saur

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.3cc 3X per week is 180mg total per week. You are not very clear however when you say 160mg 3X per week. I assume you mean 160mg total.


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As Mark Saur mentioned your question isn't entirely clear, however with 200mg/ml just double the number measured on the syringe (ml/cc) and that's your dose in mg.

Since 160/3 doesn't give a clean number (strange that your doctor didn't calc this...), your best option is to inject .26mg (52mg) 3x per week for a weekly total of 156mg.


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Honestly, that’s still a pretty high dose. I would start with 40 MG three times a week. 120 total. .20 On the syringe.

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