Has anyone had erections lasting more than 3 hours with Trimix?

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While priaprism can happen it is a very rare event. Follow the correct dosing and injection instructions as prescribed by your Doctor.

If you do, you won't end up in the hospital.

Do exactly as instructed and you won't have a problem.

I've probably used Trimix 20 or more times and never had an issue, other then incredible sex.


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Priaprism prevention

I am looking for best ways to prevent priaprism. I do not want to end up in an emergency room

I had just such an experience with Trimix. On my first try I had an 8 hour erection. Sudafed, a hot bath, and squeezing my member helped it subside. If I had to do it all over again, I would start with a dose that was 1/2 to a third of what the recommended dosage was and increase the dosage, over several days, up to what is prescribed, to see how I would react and find out at what point the medication becomes effective. I am not a doctor and can not give advice, (I am not doing that) but if I could turn back time, that is what I would do for myself. My prescribed dosage was 30 units, when 10 is effective for me. This experience was not fun.
I realize dosages are different for everyone, but so far I haven't found that WOW factor. I tried 2 units (.02ml), 5 and 7.5 with just ok results. Definitely not worth the jabbing my dong with a needle three times for avg erections. I am going to try 10 units and to see if that works better.. sharp objects and my member don't get along. Now if I could achieve the success Nelson and Gene have been getting it might be worth the pain.

Nelson Vergel

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Michael Frank: You have been underdosing TRIMIX. The starting dose is 0.1 ml. Most average .12-.2 ml for the first 1-2 years of use. This dose may need to be increased a bit after a few years.
Michael Frank: You have been underdosing TRIMIX. The starting dose is 0.1 ml. Most average .12-.2 ml for the first 1-2 years of use. This dose may need to be increased a bit after a few years.
Nelson, Thanks for the information. Apparently the excitement of receiving Trimix was enough to confuse me to the point where I jabbed myself 3times for no reason. Are you familiar with the old saying, Men were born with two heads, but only enough blood to operate one at a time? That's me to a T.
I am looking for best ways to prevent priaprism. I do not want to end up in an emergency room

Just go slow and steady with dose. Make sure you have Sudafed or Phenlyephrine nasal spray. You can take up to 240mg of Sudafed as long as you aren't on heart meds. If you do end up with a solid erection lasting longer then 2 hours you should seek out a doctor. It just takes a shot to bring it back down. The longer you wait though the worst it gets and you would have to get the blood drained if you wait too long.

Nelson Vergel

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I am sure you meant .25 ml instead of 2.5 ml.

Get some Sudafed and have it at hand in case that you have an erection lasting over 3 hours. You can get Sudafed by asking a pharmacist but no prescription is required. If you happen to be one of the unlucky ones whose erection does not go down after 3 hours and after 1 hour of taking Sudafed, please go to an emergency room for them to inject your penis with phenylephrine. If that does not work, the ER doc (usually calls an urologist) has to drain your penis. This is rare but worth mentioning.

"For intracavernous injections in adult patients, phenylephrine should be diluted with normal saline to a concentration of 100 to 500 mcg/mL, and 1 mL injections made every 3 to 5 minutes for approximately one hour, before deciding that the treatment will not be successful. "


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I have tried Trimix twice now. Two very different experiences. The first time my wife gave me two shots at .05 ml, about 30 minutes apart. Neither one gave me an erection. The second time, about a week later, I gave myself the shot, .20 ml, but this time the injection site was much closer to the base of the penis. Huge difference! Incredible erection and fantastic sex. The downside is that my erection would not subside for several hours after. I tried ice and warm water and sudafed and nothing touched it. I was just getting ready to go to the E.R. when I had the thought that brief rigorous exercise might help. I jumped on my slideboard and sure enough, in about 10 minutes I could feel my erection start to go down and about 5 minutes later it was gone. I haven't read anywhere where this is a good treatment for priapism, so I would not necessarily recommend it, but it did work for me. Next time I try Tri-mix I think I'll stick with the .05 or .1 ml but use the same injection site I used the second time, closer to the base of the shaft. I know, of course, I should have gone to the ER earlier rather than wait 7 hours. It was not the right choice, but I was lucky, I am none the worse for wear!


You need OLD SCHOOL Sudafed. The stuff you have to sign for. Liquid is best. Apparently you have to chew the OLD SCHOOL tablets up before swallowing them. Not all pharmacies sell it.
You can find a pharmacy that sells the "Old School" child's grape SUDAFED here:
That will help if you accidently go over the top so to speak:)
Just remember the OLD SCHOOL Sudafed IS THE ONE BEHIND THE COUNTER that you have to ask for and then have to sign for.
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Just remember that the stuff on the shelf's in the store that says "Sudafed" is a DIFFERENT formulation than the OLD SCHOOL SUDAFED and NOT what you want. OLD SCHOOL is semicontrolled and NOT out in the open.

Nelson Vergel

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You have to ask the pharmacist to get you a box from behind the counter. They will ask for you ID and write down your name since now the government is keeping track of Sudafed sales since people were using it to make meth.

Liquid Sudafed works faster for priaprism. If you can't find it , chew a tablet.


What is priapism:

Priapism is an involuntary erection which lasts more than 4 hours and is unrelieved by ejaculation. This condition is a true urological emergency and early treatment allows the best chance for functional recovery.

How to prevent priapism when taking Tri-Mix or other penile injection therapies (ICP):

 NEVER take Tri-Mix or any ICP injection within same 24hr period as Viagra/Cialis/Levitra or other ED meds.
 Start LOW and go SLOW with your dose. Never start higher than 0.05-0.12ml (5-12 units on syringe) for the FIRST injection. Then gradually increase from there for optimal results.
If priapism occurs:
 Apply ice to perineum/scrotal area- You can use a frozen bag of fruit or vegetables if an ice pack is not available.
 Walk/jog upstairs- This can help redirect blood flow from the penis.
Over-the counter medications to take:
 Sudafed (pseudoephedrine) is a decongestant available without a prescription but “behind the counter”, meaning that you have to ask the pharmacist to get it for you. The pharmacist will ask for your identification since this drug is known to be used in the manufacture of illegal methamphetamine, so the government keeps track of frequent users. Do not use other versions of Sudafed that are available since they do not have pseudoephedrine. Chew on a 30 or 60 mg tablet with water if erection has lasted more than 3 hours. Effects should start to be noticed within 30 minutes. Be aware that this drug will disrupt your sleep or may keep you awake for hours. Having sleep aids at hand can help if you are taking Sudafed at night time. 60mg-150mg orally. Note: Do not use Sudafed if you have used an MAO inhibitor such as furazolidone (Furoxone), isocarboxazid (Marplan), phenelzine (Nardil), rasagiline (Azilect), selegiline (Eldepryl, Emsam, Zelapar), or tranylcypromine (Parnate) in the last 14 days.

 Benadryl - chew 25mg-50mg orally

 Amyl Nitrate: “Poppers” is another name Amyl Nitrate and is sold in “head shops”, “sex toy shops” or “smoke shops” as an “air freshener”. It is also available online. Many guys who are very experienced with ICP injections use Amyl Nitrate to treat priapism when it occurs. It is very safe if used properly. The possible side effects include headaches, decreased blood pressure and potential loss of arousal after a few minutes. It should be used with caution in men with high risk of hypotension (low blood pressure). It should not be used with ED drugs like Viagra since this may cause a sudden drop in blood pressure

How to use amyl nitrate to treat priapism:
Usually sold as “poppers”, amyl nitrate usually comes in a bottle.. Inhale over 3 seconds, wait for at least 10 minutes and inhale again once if erection does not start decreasing. Headaches and flushing are common.

Prescription medications

Terbutaline- 10mg once, then take another 5mg-10mg 15 minutes after the first dose only if needed. If you have been prescribed Tri-Mix or any other ICP injection and are concerned about priapism you may request a prescription for Terbutaline to have on hand.

Phenylephrine: Some physicians provide you with a prescription of 2mL pre-diluted Phenylephrine HCl 0.1% (1mg/mL) vials that you may obtain with your first prescription of Tri-Mix from a compounding pharmacy. Typical protocol is 0.5mL every 5 minutes up to 2mL until detumescence (soft penis) starts. Phenylephrine use has potential cardiovascular side-effects and it is recommended that blood pressure and pulse are monitored every 15 minutes for an hour after the injection. This is particularly important in older men with existing cardiovascular diseases. More information about phenyphrine

If these do not work and erection has been present for 4hrs and/or is painful then immediately visit the ER for treatment.
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BTW the SUDAFED PE is the NEW formulation and NOT the one that works. If you use the link above, you need to look for the SUDAFED without the PE in the search box and listed under the "FIND THESE PRODUCTS AT THE PHARMACY COUNTER" heading. These are the OLD SCHOOL formulations that you need. Click the "BUY IN STORE" tab for a search of pharmacies in your area that sell the OLD SCHOOL Sudafed. 1. Product Category - Pick "Children's". 2. Product - Pick "Children's Sudafed Nasal Decongestant, Grape". 3. Zip Code - Type yours in. 4. Search Radius - Pick one and then click on "Find In Stores". You can increase the search radius as needed. Should now list pharmacies near you that carry the OLD SCHOOL Sudafed:)
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More than 3 hours? Yes, many times. 3 hours isn't really a problem.

I started trimix almost 10 years ago when I was 63 and Viagra was no longer sufficient. I have used trimix at least 700 to 800 times. The beauty of trimix is that it gives me a long-lasting rock-hard erection 100% of the time. It feels incredibly fabulous.

The difficulty with the dosing for me is that the range between no quite enough and too much is rather small. At a dose of 0.07 mg I know that I will feel like a have an iron rod between my legs for an hour or 2. At a dose of 0.06 mg, I will get hard enough to penetrate for a while, but I will feel a little soft and I might not be able to stay hard enough to reach climax.

Naturally, I go for the 0.07 mg dose every time. At that dose, I will usually stay rock hard for 2 to 3 hours and occasionally 4 hours. If I am still hard at 4 hours I will get up and start walking. That will cause softness to begin with 10 to 20 minutes. Early on I did need a trip to the emergency room, but not since then.
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