Got my 90 day lab results. Should I take an AI?

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My original protocol is 140 mg test c split into 2 doses, every 3.5 days. Also 500 iu of HCG and .125 mg of arimadex, all on same day as test injection. I stopped HCG after the first 4 weeks, and have yet to take any AI. I just got my lab results back, that were taken on a trough and my E2 has shot pretty high, although I haven’t really had any high E2 symptoms besides libido not being that great, and some fatigue the past couple weeks. Wondering if I should take a dose of adex now. My follow up with Dr is next Monday.
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Your free T is about 30% above the top of the free T range, and this is at trough. So before taking an ai, I would lower the dose a little. Since your SHBG is on the low side, I would also increase injection frequency to at least EOD. Daily or EOD. But at most, EOD.

I would do both of those things, then see how you feel. Then eventually get labs done to see where you numbers all are. Your E2 should definitely come down quite a bit after making those two changes, and you will most likely feel a lot better, and most likely won’t even need an ai.
Free T is supraphysiological on trough, meaning it's even higher at peak. Lower your dosage should lower Free T and therefore estrogen.

You need to get the AI and remove it from your toolbox. If lowering the dosage doesn't lower estrogen, increase injection frequencies and inject smaller doses.
Personally I would not let my E2 stay at those levels even without symptoms. Who knows what that might cause in the long run. Despite speculation that high E2 levels can be beneficial these are only speculation. There are no studies showing this is safe long term (by long term I mean a lifetime).
Numbers do matter. The absence of symptoms doesn’t mean something is safe. A lot of diseases/conditions are diagnosed because of numbers even in the absence of symptoms. Down the road these numbers might come to bite you in the sss