Getting Off TRT: Replace Clomid with Enclomiphene in HPTA Reset Protocol?

What are peoples thoughts about replacing Clomid with Enclomiphene in this reset protocol? Protocol has just been copied from one of Nelsons posts in 2016.

Defy Medical HPTA Reset Protocol

by Jasen Bruce

During the previous years large surge in testosterone prescriptions and TRT clinics there are unfortunately many men who have been misdiagnosed with low testosterone, yet placed on TRT when it may not have been needed in the first place. If you are one of these men and you are considering the discontinuation of testosterone treatments there is a protocol that can help restore your own hormone axis. You do not want to stop testosterone "cold turkey", this will lead to unnecessary symptoms that could last for many months.

This is an example of just one protocol, since there really is no "one way" to do it. This has proven a very effective foundational protocol for Defy, but of course every patient is different and therefore treatments are individualized as needed. A good TRT doctor will customize the approach based upon the patients response.

TRT: Endogenous Restoration protocol for Men Discontinuing TRT

Male patients who have been taking any form of exogenous Testosterone long term, longer than 12 weeks, will have secondary hypogonadism induced by the negative feedback response to the exogenous testosterone use. The purpose of this protocol is to stimulate the testes using HCG so that they are able to produce testosterone once again,while also preparing them to respond to endogenous LH/FSH(gonadotropins).

Meds needed:

HCG 11,000iu+mixing kit , 3 refills
Clomiphene 25 mg #30 , 3 refills
Syringes and supplies for HCG

Basic Protocol Begin protocol 5 days after the last T injection (Cyp/Enanth). If the patient is taking a T cream than begin the protocol one day following the last application of T cream.

HCG 300-400 IU daily X 14 days, FOLLOWED by Clomid (clomiphene) 25mg daily X 28 days (6 week cumulative regimen). Request Sildenafil (Viagra) or Tadalafil (Cialis) for any ED. Many patients experience ED during initial recovery.

After regimen is completed, wait 30 days and run this blood work follow up: Testosterone F&T; Sensitive Estradiol; CBC; CMP; LH+FSH

Physician can order additional labs at his/her discretion.

If the total Testosterone is elevated (above 500 ng/dL) at the follow up blood test, then it can be assumed that patient is responding well to the regimen. If not, restart clomiphene for 30 days and retest 30 days after stopping it.

If the patient does not respond to the HCG/clomiphene after 3 cycle, then it can be assumed there is possible primary hypogonadism. This would not have been caused by the TRT, more than likely it has developed naturally with age or has been present for a long time. In this case it is best to suggest continuing TRT so that T levels remain optimal and the patient's life quality and health also remain optimal. Also, some men respond well staying on a low dose of 12.5 mg per day of clomiphene (Clomid).

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I would also suggest trying to replace with enclomiphene. I just did a quick restart with enclomiphene 25mg daily (I added 0.1mg anastrozole 1xweek) for fertility reasons and I can gladly say it worked as hoped within the first 45 days. I’ve been previously on clomid twice and will never go back to it.


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Where did you find the enclomiphene? I tried to get it from Tailor Made Compounding, but they seem to be out of stock, and their responsiveness is TERRIBLE.


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Gonadorelin makes more sense than triptorelin if you don't mind being a pin cushion:
How does that website work? Do you need a prescription? I see it's a liquid. How do you take it? Is it working? Thanks for your help,
Just about to start using it. Still waiting for my HCG to arrive....lost in the mail I think. You can order it without a prescription and it comes as a liquid to take orally. If you are from a country with strict customs scrutiny then they will send it in a bottle marked as something else. I recieved a bottle of Eucalyptus oil....I was quick to smell it and sure enough no smell :). I've actually had a nightmare finding a supplier of HCG that will ship to Australia. Thought I'd finally found one but tracking number last scan was the airport and hasn't been scanned since (40 days). Might need to keep looking.